Excessive Front End Noise

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    I apologize for this being long up front, but looking for some help. I have a 06 1/2' Chevy 1500 Classic extended cab 4x4 with 4.8L V with $150K+. Did possibly the dumbest thing and agreed to go off-roading with a friend, and you guessed it...managed to trash my truck. The truck drove great all day, however as the day came to an end and we headed back along a pony trail to the main road, I picked up a very concerning noise/feeling in the front of the truck. And it got worse on the road home. I stopped driving the truck for fear of making the problem worse...but car pooling is not working so well. I have excepted my stupidity and am prepared to take it to a shop because I don't have access to my own garage currently.

    I have ruled out breaks and a bent rim for causing any of these problems. I have put power steering, tie bar, or suspension issues to the side with a little bit of test driving. I believe it is worse than that. At low speeds (under 40mph), I have a terrible sound best described as a squeaky mattress to the extreme encompassed with an patterned grinding/rubbing sound that seems to follow the revolution of the wheel (passenger side i believable) . When I make a right turn, all of this is increased and the truck begins to take revenge and rip the steering wheel out of my hand. Turning sharply back to the left seems to make the motion more docile, but still existent. I jacked the front end up and spun the tires one by one. The left tire spins with about the right amount of friction, but the right one seems to have about 4x more expected friction. Moving between 4 vs 2 wheel drive has always been tight, and difficult to set. This might be part of the problem. My suspicions point toward front differential issues. Possibly front differential gears with damaged rings, pinions, and bearings, or possibly an adjuster may have backed off and/or broke off. Or maybe even a CV join is ruined. This is my first truck and I'm relatively new at maintaining anything relating to transmission and differentials (only worked on engine/electrical with this one). I know I am going to have to take it somewhere to get it fixed. I'm hoping someone maybe able to support my suspicions, and if so provide me an estimate of what something like this might cost to repair, so I know if the garage is trying to play me. I know this isn't cheap ifIi need differential replacements. My expectations are about $1800-$2200. Any hypotheses are welcomed!?!

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