excited finally getting all my work done

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    I haven't ever painted my own bowties i just bought new ones. Yes you can buy bowties in Black,Chrome and Brushed finish. Check out www.autoanything.com they are under AMI emblems i'm about to buy another one for my 1 piece RBP lookalike grille. LEt me know if you find the emblems on there.

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    Yeah the stt's are pretty good off road also i had a set of 33 13.50's on a 18 inch rim had em on stock and aftermarket rims and only had a 2.25 inch leveling kit. I plan on getting the Super Swamper m-16 the outside tread design is similar but has a military theme and me being Iraq veteran and in military i'm liking them for $1,500 a set of 35 12.50 on r18.

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    Looking forward to seeing the picts!!!!
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    im looking forward to pics as well!

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    well i have some pics on my phone but i dont have a photo bucket account or anything to send them to to post...if anyone is willing to post them PM me and i will text you the pics...im very happy with the outcome so far

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