exhaust and chips ...what do you have and did it work?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by 30-A rider, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Guys Im looking at a 99 Burb K1500 and its bone stock. Of course I dont want to mess with reliability so I know I can do an exhaust but to be honest Im not finding any brands I have experience with. What cat back systems have any of you done and were happy with?
    Anyone do shorty truck headers and are you happy with them?

    I have zero expereince with chips. Any input anyone? Improve gas and performance with no negative effects on motor?

    Im not looking to make a fast truck but the truck is just gutless for my taste. Any expereinced opinions appretiated.


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    On the Exhaust/Muffler's
    .....2 of the ones most often mentioned are.....Flowmaster.....Maganaflow......some of the others to look at....Eldebrock....Gibson....Borla......it is hard to say which Muffler is better than all of the others....as what sounds good to one person, may not sound good to another.....

    On Shorty Headers,
    .......when you say Happy With them, what are you asking here Fitment and/or Performance from them, Most would say that the Gains from Short Headers are small......Compare to Long Tube Headers.......Some of the Brands to look at.....Eldelbrock.....Gibson...Doug Thorley.....PaceSetter.....to name a few.

    On Chips,
    ......you are going to be looking at a Tune Either Hand-Held....like Bully-Dog....Banks.....Diablo or a Custom Tune like Blackbear......Tuner's can help with Fuel mileage and Performance.....but getting Better Fuel mileage has a lot to do with your Right foot.....

    Scott.....it comes down to what you are looking and wanting to Spend, for the items you've mentioned.

    Here are a few links....for Tunes and Mufflers,




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    With the 87 octane mode selected with my Diablo predator and a S&B intake I see a 3MPG increase (City & Highway)
    If you want to get one of these I would call http://www.autoanything.com/... I've noticed they give me better deals when I call :great:
    Best of luck

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