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    I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a stock exhaust diagram for a 2003 Silverado 2500HD? I was looking at my exhaust in some depth today because I recently received my long-tube headers and saw what looks like two cats. I installed a MBRP cat-back exhaust system after I bought the truck which came with two mufflers. Following the piping from the mufflers back, I see that both pipes run in to what appears to be two separate catalytic converters, from there each pipe connects up to the respective header. Is this how the stock system works on the 2500HD? I thought two cats were needed for "true duals".
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    if you have a gas truck then you will have two cats off the manifolds to a "y" pipe that turns it into 1 3inch pipe, then a other little "y" pipe to go to 2 into 1 muffler (2 inlet 1 outlet) with a single 3" tail pipe. if you got duals put on before you would probably have 2 mufflers instead of one wich leads to 2 tail pipes (instead of the previous "1" pipe). with the long tube headers you will still have the same set up after the cats.
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    Ok thanks, that's what I was wondering. I don't see the y pipe and wasn't sure if that was a stock set-up or not. My set-up appears to be: Headers--> two cats with separate piping--> two mufflers single in/single out--> piping after each muffler to tips (--> is my way of saying "leading to"). I don't believe there is any y pipe from headers to tips. This is a crude drawing, but it's the layout of my exhaust system;
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