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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by T-rey, Dec 16, 2011.

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    I have a 1999, 454 chevy with true dual exhaust to the manifold. After the exhaust manifold it turns into one pipe. How can i cut/edit it without spending money to make the sound better, along the lines of cutting it right off the manifold?
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    Okay, a little terminology clarification. The manifolds are on each side of the engine and connect to the exhaust pipes. The exhaust pipes on a stock truck come together at or before the muffler and then a single pipe runs to the back of the truck. I assume you are talking about eliminating the muffler to improve the sound.

    Without spending money, anything you do to the exhaust system will cause a problem in one way or another. An after market two in, two out muffler and adding a second tail pipe will give you the sound and not break the bank. Altering the exhaust before the muffler will cause DTCs that will turn on the check engine light. If the exhaust is not properly routed to the rear of the vehicle you risk carbon monoxide getting in the cab when sitting at idle. Also running without mufflers is illegal in most states. Some will fine you for removing the catalytic converters. Along those same lines, some states do performance testing on the exhaust.

    If you are going to be off road and don't care about any of the other stuff mentioned, consider it will be load as hell and every one around will hear you. So if the whole world knows you are out there, make sure you are not doing anything wrong...:)

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