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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by GMCZ71, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. GMCZ71

    GMCZ71 Rockstar

    hey there. i have a question about my dual exhaust on my '96 5.7. How come it goes quiet(like stock quiet) at certain rpms? is there a way to fix that or does every aftermarket exhaust do this? I think this is a stupid question but i have to ask it because its just odd to me
  2. AMac

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    well for me, if my foot isn't on the peddle it is fairly quiet. Sometimes I like to use the 'shift on the fly' to down shift (safely of course) so I can hear the exhaust when going through the tolls in the morning.

    What rpms are you experiencing this at?
  3. lquattro04

    lquattro04 Rockstar

    I've noticed this as well. I'm pretty sure that it's common on every aftermarket exhaust. Like AMac said if my foot isn't on the pedal then it seems fairly quiet, but as soon as I lay on it she roars.
  4. GMCZ71

    GMCZ71 Rockstar

    I am experiencing this at 2200 or 2500 and again around 4000
  5. dsfloyd

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    I think it is normal as mine does it too. more about how much air is having to be extracted and going through the exhaust which is related to how much is needed going in through the intake.
  6. GMCZ71

    GMCZ71 Rockstar

    Same here quattro but it would be nice if the tone stayed through the rpm range...lol. My stepfather has dual flowmasters on his '06 2500hd and it dont seem to have this problem. Could how the muffler is made make a difference? I dont understand what you are trying to say floyd
  7. lquattro04

    lquattro04 Rockstar

    He's saying that when you press on the pedal your intake sucks in more air. Which then results in more air going through the exhaust making the rumble louder. So when your at low rpm's there isnt as much air going through as when it's in the higher rpm range. I don't understand why your truck isn't still loud in the 4000 rpm range. That does seem odd. I don't think how the muffler is made really effects the rumble in different rpm ranges, but don't quote me on it lol.
  8. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    every exhaust will sound different, I have had the same setup on my suburbanfor 5 years but have had 2 different mufflers, and it was completely different results. My pickup has a flowmaster super 10 and isnt even that loud either but I also still have the factory setup just swapped mufflers. the wrong pipe size can effect it as well. use youtube and figure out what you want and read the posts on the vids to figure out setups mind you that even though they may have one sound when you get it done on your truck it wont sound the same, exhaust is a trial and error.
  9. SurrealOne

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    Your feet reach the pedals?! :rofl:
  10. Burden33

    Burden33 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    She got those adjusting pedals so she can reach them.

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