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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by jmckee6, Aug 31, 2010.

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    A while back I had a the exhaust redone on my 99 Chevy with the 5.7L 350. I had a dual in/dual out Magnaflow muffler with 2.5 in pipe and 3 inch tips. After having it for a while, I have decided that it isn't quite loud enough for me. Is there anyway to make it a little bit louder without changing mufflers? Someone suggested drilling a small hole in the pipes right before the muffler, but I am skeptic of that....would a CAI change the sound much if at all?
    Thanks for the input.
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    I have a flowmaster single in/dual out, and was looking to make mine louder as well. i've got a spectre CAI, and didnt notice much of a diference in the noise that was produced. as with you, i was skeptical to drilling holes. have you heard of anythign else?
  3. i had cut out exhaust added to my old truck, which made it noticably louder. fairly cheap too; $30 at Summit Racing, and paid a muffler shop $20 to weld it in. comes with gaskets and a plate so you can close it if you need to.
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    I'd recommend a set of long tube headers to really make the sound change. I jumped the first time my truck started after i swapped in a set of long tube headers because of the difference. I went with Dynatech and they are pretty expensive, but companies like pacesetter and american racing have some long tube headers for a very reasonable price. Good luck with whatever you do in the end.
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    X2 on headers and summit sells a fairly inexpensive set of shorties ($200 or less) for our model of truck. Shorties will make a noticable difference. And dont drill any holes. This will just make your truck sound like it has exhaust leaks.

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