Exhaust system upgrade for a 76 GMC K25 - Need Help Pls...

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by 76K25N, May 22, 2013.

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    I own a 76 GMC K25 350 4WD. I'm looking to replace the exhaust system from the manifold back. Ease of installation & durability are preferred. I hope to stay with the stock manifolds & have 2 2.5" flow master mufflers on hand. I have narrowed my choices to Pypes SGT80 & Hooker Headers 16922HKR systems. Any thoughts? Or others that I should look into? Hoping for a do-it-yourself installation.

    Sorry if this topic has been beaten to death, but I was not successful in finding solutions on the web.

    Thnaks in advance,
  2. K15 Blazer Guy

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    absolutly get the headers.

    on my chevelle smallblock i have the high flow headers, H pipe, and thrush mufflers. but i have it step down from 3" to 2.5" by the time it ends, because its such a high flow system for a little 307. you need some back pressure.

    on my truck, im doing the shorty headers, to the Y pipe, to a 3" catt. then running 3" all the way to the back.
    I have looked for a bolt on Y-pipe for the headers... i cannot find one... so unless i do, a shop will need to finish this.

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