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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Mizzike, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Mizzike

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    I'm looking to put on a new exhaust system on my 5.3 v8 silverado 2002 and the places and people I have been talking to said both magnaflow and flowmasters would be the best bang for my buck but both cant come to a conclusion on which is the best and I want the most performance out of the exhaust and I have a less concern with the sound and if there is some better system that would be great to know about but if not which one should I go with or look more into?
  2. omegafiler

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    Really, it's just personal preference as to which sound you like better. Do a search, the whole Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster thing has been brought up a million times. And trust me, there has never been nor will there ever be a winner here. :)

    Or, perhaps check out youtube or various or sites for sound clips. Although they rarely do any exhaust system justice.
  3. no0b123

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    Flowmaster is more of an agressive sounding muffler. Magnaflow is great for SUV's. Both are really nice sounds, but you need to search on youtube.com for sound clips. Both mufflers perform the same, just different sounds.
  4. GoFastPadre

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    Here is my .02 Put on some Pacesetter LT"s, Magnaflow HFC's and Flowmaster 60"s on custom bent true duals. It will cost about the same to do this set up as the aftermarket exhaust from either co. I had this set up on my Sierra, except I had shorty headers, and it made the 5.3 come alive and it sounded good as well.:great:
  5. GMC era

    GMC era Rockstar

    I initially did a muffler swap for a Dynomax Super Turbo. It lasted 8 years and rusted out the bottom it sounded good and had comparable flow rate to a Flowmaster. I just recently replaced it, again just a muffler swap, with a Thrush Glasspack for about $35 including brackets. It sounds great and has excellent airflow due to the straight through design. There is NO resonance in the cab and isn't that loud unless you get on it and still isn't as loud as most exhausts I hear out on the road. Here's a video. If you click on my tube channel there are several videos of my old muffler too.
  6. squatchy

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    Borla. Better flow than straightpipes.
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  7. Randomsoleil

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    Banks makes a really good exhaust for gas trucks as well Borla
  8. dobey

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    Wow, an 8 year old thread back from the dead.

    Banks and MBRP make decent systems for these trucks.

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