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    Ok i got the 07 Silverado 5.3 L NBS..The truck is great in everyway possible..But now after breaking it in i gotta do some mods to it...i ordered the K&N 63 series filter last wk...It comes in tuesday but i need to get the exhaust done...Ive heard good reviews bout the flowmaster super 44 series but got some questions bout it...Do i need to go duel exhaust and what r the beinifits? Or do i stay with just single and use the stock pipes? Also i want a high flow cat so any suggestions on that? Also does anyone know what size the origional exhaust pipes on the truck is...Iknow how to measure but i jus decided i want to upgrade the exhaust right now and dont feel like going outside in the dark...hit me up..Its well appreciated..
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    Hey, The super 44 is a great muffler but lacks a little low end power you'll see from say magnaflow, borla or gibson. I had flowmasters on my last truck and the sound is unriveled but there's not much of a change in throttle response. I'm pretty sure the pipes are 2.5" wide, which if you just wanted to replace the muffler and tip is fine. The benifit of going dual exhaust with 3" Pipes and 3 1/2" Tips you'll get a much deeper more aggresive sound no matter what brand you choose. As far as high flow cats are concerned, Magnaflow makes some universals you can pick up at summitracing.com for about 65 bucks each. I added a Hypertech Max Energy Programmer to my 07 and love it. Huge gain in throttle response and almost 3 mpg gain. Let me know if you have any more questions and let me know how that 63 series works out as I'm mostly likely going to be getting one pretty soon. :great:
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    nice choice with the K&N you will be happy... as for the exhaust I would suggest ordering a cat back system which will upgrade to 3" pipes over your stock 2.5"s... I have heard great things about flowmaster and you are guarenteed to get a good sound from it. I would also sugest magnaflow, borla, and the new edelbrock SDT systems (its what I have and I like it) I would also replace the cat as finalday said with a hi-flo magnaflow cause it will help and is pretty cheap.

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