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  1. billt3047

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    i have a chevy silverado and im planning on getting an exhaust system for my 2005 z71 v8 1500 im wondering witch exhaust system i should get..links would be much appreciated
  2. billt3047

    billt3047 New Member

    11 veiws no replys awesome..

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Depending on what you are looking to spend......I would go with Long tube headers,Y-Pipe and Cat Back Exhaust,

    Some of the Headers to look at would be......Pacesetter....JBA....Doug Thorley....to name a few.....Long Tube's will give you your most gains in H.P.....

    For Muffler's.....Flowmaster....MaganaFlow.....Gibson....are the ones mentioned most often along with Cherry bomb....It comes down to what kind of sound your are wanting??

    Bottom line there are So Many.....Muffler's....Headers to choose from.....now-a-days...If you go with the setup I mentioned above your Exhaust will need to be re-worked and that will cost a few a more $$$....

    Summit Racing carries just about every muffler/header made Today.


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  4. HawaiiKid

    HawaiiKid Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    Also, if you search through this forum you will find a huge number of exhaust threads with lots of information. Everyone seems to swear by what they have, be it a basic CherryBomb muffler or a Borla full cat-back system. You have to listen to clips online and search through other people's stuff to find out what you like within your budget.
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  5. stephan

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    LOL Billt, I had over 100 views & no replys on one of my questions, (and your post was only up here for about 2 hours) so don't feel like the lone ranger. As far as getting anymore replies other than what Heartbeat & Hawaii Kid have posted, you probably wont because they have covered all the bases.:great:
    There is really nothing more for anybody to add to their posts other than someones personal opinions.

    Now if you want my personal opinion.........ha ha ha...............

    p.s. Billt, since you are new here you should know that the little stars below Heartbeats & Hawaii Kids posts are so you can click on it (the star) & give them credit for a good answer. I was able to click on the Kids, but they wouldn't let me click on Heartbeats again till I spread some more around, so you should click on both & give good reviews to them, or next question you ask you might never get an answer to... lol....
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  6. mfleetwood

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    x2 with what Hawaii Kid says and what 99'Heartbeat eludes to. There are so many choices and ways to go about them that this really comes down to a personal decision based on what your goal is. Items to consider would be things such as budget, sound, performance, looks, if you would to make any modification to install, etc. Good luck in your search!
  7. silverhobey

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    definitely lots of info around on exhaust( same as oil,levelling,mods) but that's what the site and comraderie are all about here, I thought. Anyway, up here in Canada, we have to watch our Exhaust upgrades/mods due to Emission Testing requirements on our vehicles every two years.(government cash-grab to keep air quality/environment better, but we still see oil puffers and loud-bangers on the road each day !)
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  8. jccraveswaves

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    I have always gone with Flowmaster mufflers and the rest is up to the budget your working with. My advice is to go to your local exhaust shops and see their work. You want quality welding and bending too! I found a guy in Florida Roadrunner muffler shop he has done two of my trucks the first being a 1994 1500 full size 2 door Blazer and my S-10 ZR2, as well as my brothers truck a 1500 Sierra Z71. You will know a good shop by the line of people they have at the shop chat with them and see what they are having done. Basically you need to shop around and not jump on the first shop you find

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