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  1. newfiebullet

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    i no i no ...3 topics in one day haha....im gettin into a few things and need all the info i can get...what i wanna know what is the stock exhaust size on a 10' 4.8...im lookin into a magnaflow and wanna bolt it on rather than weld it.
  2. mfleetwood

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    Not sure what your current exhaust size is, but if you get the compatible Magnaflow, it should just bolt right up without welding of any kind....at least mine did.
  3. newfiebullet

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    im just lookin to get a universal magnaflow, maybe 18 inch..want a nice rumble but dont want it too irritating in the cab...cuz if stock exhaust is 3 inch, and after market is 3 inch ,its not gonna do no better than just replacing the muffer..so i figure ill save the few 100 bones for something else.

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    nice truck btw
  4. clgoch187

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    grab a tape and check it out
  5. mfleetwood

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    Thanks for the nice comment! My exhaust does provide a nice, deep rumble and does not disturb my neighbors at all. But when I floor it or putting a load on the engine (i.e. going up long steep hills) you can certainly hear it much more but not in an obnoxious way.
  6. torqydd

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    Just did the exhaust on mine (2008) and a buddies 2010. At the front the of the muffler it measures 2.976 inches outside diameter might as well call it 3. So here is what I did ordered muffler from jegs 2 chamber thrush muffler (3" inlet double 2.5 outs) which is made by magnaflow. Trip to auto zone for a 3"id/3"od pipe coupler two 3 inch clamps and two 2.5 clamps. Took saw-zaw cut right up to front edge of muffler removed. Slide coupler over stock pipe slide muffler install clamps and install 45 degree exhaust tubing for dumps. With every all said and done the dumps are only 8 inches from my axle. Maybe this will help in your situation but do keep in mind that the stock muffler is like 3 feet long so going from that down to 18" magnaflow with definitely the flow and sound. And total cost on the setups i did were about 75.00 and hour or so of work.
  7. my 06 was just over 2.75 before the stock muffler so i made a flare pipe, and put a 18" 3" in and out on with a mandrel bent 3" tail pipe from a 91 it was cheap easy and i have yet to hear another chev that sounds as good as mine, sounds awesome, not bad in the cab unless your working the engine pretty good.
  8. newfiebullet

    newfiebullet Member

    my uncle has a garage so welding and install is no prob...just wanted to know what size muff to order..thanks guys

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