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    Overkill.... but really cool.
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    I've had the magnaflow and yeah it had a bad drone but sounded great otherwise. I like Borla or Corsa but if you budget sometimes you have to compromise or just save up the cash. Less restriction on the exhaust will help with mpgs for sure. Like the others said combine that with a CAI, headers, or a tune and you maximize performance and mpgs.
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    Your best bet is a custom exhaust shop. If you don't like the sound, they can replace the muffler with something else. No issues. What more could you want? They can design exactly what you want. Tell them your concerns about sound levels at highway speeds, etc. or if you want a certain sound. It all can be done by a reputable and competent custom exhaust shop. I stress the words "competent" and "reputable".

    It is delusional to think changing the exhaust helps gas mileage very much. No, it does not help it much. If you have a diesel, it might if you reprogram the engine ecu. The difference is not going to be much on a gas engine, if at all. The difference is mainly psychological. Same folks think it increases horsepower or torque when in fact it has little or no effect whatsoever. If you doubt this, have your vehicle tested on a dynomometer before and after the exhaust modification. While you are at it, have them tune the computer for the best fuel-air ratio for your engine.
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    Guess I'm delusional, thanks for the psychological diagnosis. I'd put my vehicle on a dynamometer and see if the Hp is increased. I doubt it's psychological when less restriction on the exhaust equals better performance. Yeah to get better gas mileage you have to learn how to be easy on the pedal and brake, but even that is not psychological. I guess all the aftermarket products and modifications are pointless then? It's all in your head? Ok... I guess those extra mpgs I got after making mods were not really there, it was just all a figment of my imagination. Lol!
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    CAI and exhaust modifications tend to manifest their benefits at WOT (wide open throttle). WOT is not conducive to good gas mileage -- in fact quite the opposite.

    My tuner and custom tune made large differences in getting me back MPG's lost due to modifications like the lift and tires. The regear I did also helped recover lost MPG's due to rolling on large, heavy tires, as I don't drop out of overdrive on mild inclines, anymore. My CAI and exhaust made zero differnce in my gas mileage.
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    I agree with you but I don't think I said anything more than what Clark at auto anything said. I guess I misspoke. Ive been under the impression that when you get those mods with a tune it helps. I understand the CAI and exhaust is for performance at WOT. Damn, guess I am delusional, i'll have to add that to my other diagnosises. LOL!!! I do appreciate you explaining it and how it worked for you. That will help me out :)
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    I certainly don't think you're delusional... (The Heater's language, here, tends to be strong in tone, but he is well-informed and means well.)

    Many mods (intake tubes, CAI's, etc) advertise improvements that are questionable, at best, and very tough to prove under normal driving circumstances. A custom tuner will certainly take your intake and exhaust changes into consideration when tuning, but will you get human-noticeable results out of that ... from those specific modifications? Likely not. I know I didn't.
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    Oh it's okay I was just joking around anyway. It's hard to determine someone's intentions based on things written most of the time. But I understand your comments and do appreciate it. I know I'm a little crazy at times and was just having fun with the term delusional. Man this thread really got off topic lol!!! Anyway I am more informed now, and I'll give you credit for the well written explanation, which is why I'm here. I know a great deal about cars and trucks but I'm here to learn more and build my knowledge base and of course interact with others who love the topic of trucks. Thanks JB.
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    Had magnaflow on my suburban DI/DO and I had HORRIBLE drone, it rotted in less then 3 years and now have a flow pro muffler and its perfect!! My pickup just had a flowmaster super 10 put on and that is awesome. i kept all the factory piping for it. Borla and corsa are very expensive, my dads NNBS 07 vortec max has a borla and i still am on the fence with it, but again its all personal preference as to what kind of sound you like. So best advice, pick within your budget, if you have a shop bend you up an exhaust you are gonna be looking at 400-450, depending on the muffler(s) and tips, they are someotime 50 bucks apiece.
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    This is a hallmark characteristic of someone who is terrified of admitting they were blind (this is diplomatic) for buying something that doesn't do what the seller claims. I HAVE dyno'd my truck before and after a modification to a 4 inch diameter system, the biggest you can get, and the chart is almost identical to what it was with the prior exhaust system. You get power increases from fundamental changes such as a different camshaft profile combined with fuel-air ratio changes done by a professional (on a dynomometer using a laptop to change your ecu), getting larger combustion chamber heads with a better design, or other substantial modifications. And in most of these instances, your mileage goes DOWN, not up. If you get more power, you use more fuel. Sorry for those who imagine they have better mileage and more power. It doesn't work that way, the math does not compute. Every manufacturer of exhaust claims their product will give you this or that. But ask them if they will guarantee it. No, they won't. Gee, I wonder why?

    One of my motorcycles had a new exhaust system once upon a time. Before buying this system from Vance and Hines, a respected name in motorcycle high performance, I talked to a technician at V&H. He said I would have increases in both torque and HP. Well, when I had it installed, I took it to a place that has a dyno, and to my dismay, they called and said they tried every possible modification to the baffle, and in all instances my horsepower and torque actually went DOWN with the V&H pipe. About that time I started to feel pretty stupid. You can imagine what that V&H technician felt like when I called him back to give him the news.
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