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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Thundare, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Thundare

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    It was ef'in AWESOME!!!

    Starter on my ford went out, tranny on my chevy is out so i have no vehicle to get around with for the time. But im workin for my grandpa and he let me barrow his 2002 dodge ram, I tell ya there is nothin like it. All the power this thing has stock it was GREAT! i didnt want to fix my truck cuz then i would not have the dodge. It is a 2002 dodge ram 3500 5.9 turbo diesel dually 4x4 manual tranny, It felt great driving this truck. I know im on a GM site talkin about a dodge but i dont think anyone can put down a truck like this. Had to leave early in the mornin with that truck and everyone hated it cuz it was so loud, i loved it :money:
  2. ippielb

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    It's all about the cummins, that's all. Cummins engines are incredible, in my mind, maybe even better then Duramax.
  3. tlperry68

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    Dodge does make a great diesel truck.
    Cummins has a great motor out there I know the low end is awesome, mid and high the duramax is a little faster. Really anymore the difference between the trucks comes down to creature comforts. Dodge does need to make their trucks handle smoother, which is the only setback. If they could drop in an Allison transmission I'd consider one for my upgrade in a couple of years.
  4. Tommygunz

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    Check out my signature and you will understnad my post..

    The smooth riding car like Tahoe we own is for the wife..

    My truck is a 5.9 Cummins Turbo Diesel Dodge. Yeah it doesn't ride as smooth as a chevy or ford, know why? its a truck with full leaf spring suspension... its a truck. If I wanted a car I would have bought one.. okay rant over on that..

    The CTD is about the greatest motor ever.. in my truck with the switching of a few settings on my tuner I have my daily driver, my weekend hot rod and my hauling workhorse. Not to menton I can get over 20 mpg highway..

    Please don't flame me for talkin Dodges on this board either.. I am not trying to spam or advertise for other boards but if ytou want to learn more about this truck go to Dodgeownerforums.com

    I have the same name over there.
  5. vncj96

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    Not to start a war but Ford is full leaf suspension as well:shocked:
  6. Tommygunz

    Tommygunz Rockstar

    you are correct sir.. my bad.. but its still a ford..
  7. s5belford

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    I don't really have a problem with Dodges and I know those cummins are great but I just feel like Dodge's don't last, that cummins will run forever but the body's just don't seem to last very long... just my opinion
  8. 09Z71

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    yeah the Cummins is a fantastic engine, it's just that it seems the 06-08 Rams with the wood trim have such a cheap feel to the interior, GM somehow makes the design work so it doesn't look cheap, i mean, the materials on the dash (on my LT) are hard plastic, but they don't look like hard plastic. Dodge, i mean, their trim looks and feels like cheap, hard plastic. just my 2 cents :neutral:
  9. kwconch021

    kwconch021 Rockstar

    X2 for what belford and z71 said.
    z71 also brought up a great point, the bodys dont last!!
    i will say that ive noticed the diesel dodges are awesome, ive had bosses that have owned and loved there 2500 cummins 6 something liter. until he tried avoiding some dogs doing 5-10 mph in a parking lot and hit a concrete light pole 2x2 feet. it looked like tiger woods escalade. i couldnt believe it.
    i have been in accidents where ive only seen the chevys bumper twisted a little at higher speeds, and still able to drive off.

    few years back my father bought a 1500 ex cab used-- for the following reason i will never buy chrysler/dodge any years previous to 09.. the newer dodges [trucks, of course] are getting much more attention as they havent cut as much corners as previous years.

    as stated above the interior parts were cheap,
    also around 110,000 the radiator cracked and engine gave out.
    this could have been due to the previous owner and neglect on their part, although my father did use it for his construction business, he kept it as clean as possible.
    i live and work in a highly known tourist destination and a guy from up north told me had a gmc [still GM, same as chevy] that ran up past 250,000 with no problems. he also told me he had totalled it [not his fault] and this was the only reason he had to get rid of it.

    ^^ proof that our GMs were made to last with proper upkeep and maint.
    Yes im young and may have more free time than most on here although i work a full 40 hrs a week and attend classes at my local college 4 days a week. and i still find the time to clean every week or two and properly service [as recommended].
    I may be looked at as if im crazy but in todays economy trucks are tough to sell and the gas issue doesnt help. so this is my reason for being so uptight about my beloved truck, RESALE value, as much as i can get with x miles.
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