Extended cab passenger side EZ entry seat problem

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  1. azhobo

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    I've got a 99 extended cab, the one with no rear door option. The passenger seat is supposed to have what GM calls an "EZ entry" feature. The seat is supposed to slide all the way up under the dash, allowing easier entry to the rear seat. It's supposed to work by moving the lever on the side of the seatback to a forward position, pushing the seatback forward, which then releases a catch on the seat rails, allowing the full movement forward. Mine goes only as far forward as the normal seat adjustment rail takes it. (makes rear seat entry very difficult, even to retrieve groceries)
    I can reach under the seat and pry the release loose with a screwdriver, and it works as designed, but the cable release will not move it to the full release position.
    My question............... has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so what was your resolution? I went to a local dealer (Power Chevrolet in Mesa, AZ) to ask about it, and was treated to the usual indifferent attitude by the service writer dude. I also went through probably 70 pages of Chevy TSB's and found plenty of seat bulletins, but mostly about lawsuits from accidents caused by collapsing drivers chairbacks. I think my problem is with the cable that runs under the seat upholstery down to the linkage, but not being an upholstery guy, I'm hesitant to start ripping off the leather.

    Another less important question ............... has anyone removed the driver side power operated seat in favor of a manual seat that will also allow EZ entry to the rear on the street side of the cab? If so, does the manual seat use the same rails?

    Thanks guys for any help with this issue.
  2. rileyjr16

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    When you say 99, do you mean old body style (classic) or the new body style? Because the new body style 99 and up came standard with the 3rd passenger doors.
  3. azhobo

    azhobo New Member

    As I posted, I have the cab with no rear door. I searched specifically for that type cab because I think it's a stronger design, and I'm way past kids and young grandkids. I'm not much of a GM guy but it would seem to me that if the cab was a 3 door model, there would be no need for the EZ entry passenger chair. I don't know that, just an assumption.
    It looks like you have a similar truck, do you have the EZ entry seats? If so, do yours work properly?
  4. rileyjr16

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    Well then I'm not sure why you do not have a 3rd door if you have a truck like mine. Maybe you got a unicorn I don't know. But I do have the ez entry seats on both side. However I have power seats so they don't roll forward like you stated. My brother had a 99 GMC regular cab and he also had the ez entry seats, but they never rolled forward when the lever was pushed forward. You had to actually pull the udjustment lever to get them to roll forward and even though still, they only went as far forward as the farthest adjustment would let them.
  5. poncho62

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    I have a 97 3dr and it seems to have this roll ahead feature. There is a lever on the side of the passenger seat. The seat then folds down and the whole thing jumps forward almost a foot.....I will take some pics later if some is interested. Thing about it though, the truck has power seat buttons, but the passenger seat doesnt do anything on the power button....it still has the lever at the front, so it manual.
  6. Pikey

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    My 1995 has the same seat on the passenger side. Same issue. I can grab the lever and it will move the seat, but not with the handle. I had it fixed twice under warranty. Both times they replaced the cable and it worked well for about a year. After it was out of warranty I found a work around it. I simply attached a string to the lever. Then I tied it to the mesh on the back of the passenger seat in the lower corner. I just pull the lever then the string. The seat moves as it should. Is it a great fix? No. Does it work? yes! most people never even notice the string. I have considered disconnecting the cable end at the lever, cutting it shorter, rebending the end like the old one was so it reconnected to the lever and reinstalling it. I think the issue is that the cable stretches. You can replace it as you stated, but chances are that the new one will eventually stretch also.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Bob.......from what you've mentioned....your 1999" sounds like its a K2500 Ext Cab" ....which is the OBS "Old Body Style" GMT-400 Model/Series "Pictured Below".....Which did not have a 3rd Passenger Door.....the diagram below maybe able to help....in finding the part you asking about.


    Front Passenger Seat for a 99"OBS/K2500 Ext Cab

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  8. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    It looks like the bracket on the cable (#9 above) has a slotted hole. I wonder if the issue could be solved by simply loosening the bolt (#27 above) sliding the bracket (#9) toward the rear of the truck and tightening the bolt. This may take the slack out of the cable and restore the originally designed function. It also looks like there are two bolt holes on the end that connects to the seat itself. (not the track) if my first suggestion does not work maybe moving that to the inner bolt hole will fix it. Thanks for the diagram @99'HEARTBEAT !!
  9. azhobo

    azhobo New Member

    Thanks for the replies gentlemen, your inputs are appreciated. It helps to know there are others with the same problem, I was beginning to think my "unicorn" was a one of a kind thing.
    @99 Heartbeat........ thanks Mike for the diagram of the seat, that will go a long way to getting this thing fixed. My biggest fear was digging into the upholstery for access to the cable, but it appears the covering and foam remove as single pieces. If I come up with a decent fix for this, I'll come back and let you know.
    Thanks again,
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  10. Pikey

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    you would not have to remove anything to access the bottom bracket on the cable.

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