Extended cab passenger side EZ entry seat problem

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by azhobo, Sep 24, 2013.


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    Your Welcome Bob......I would just mention, when asking for Advice and/or Help, always try to include as Much Information about your Vehicle, as you can.....Year....Model....2wd/4wd....Engine etc.....as this will help the member's, in giving you the Best Advice and/or Help, regarding the Issues/Concerns you may have with your Vehicle......Thanks.
  2. Nova Joe

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    Hey guys, I'm a new kid on the "block". I found this site with a Google search for a seat problem I'm having and it's just like the one Bob has here. I'm the original owner of a 1999 C2500 (OBS) Classic cab truck. It has over 300,000 miles on it now and has had the seat fixed many years ago at the dealer. I wanted to fix it myself and took the seat out yesterday but to no avail. I see the cable adjustment and tried messing with that but still nothing works. I should say, nothing works every time because if I get it just right and the "planets align" it will move all the way forward like it's supposed to!! Anyway, I was wondering if Bob got it fixed or if anyone else might have some insight. Thanks for your help!!
  3. azhobo

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    Hey Joe, good morning. You asked if I ever got my seat slide issue taken care of. Yes I did, kinda. I was able to get a cable from a dealer up in the Washington boonies. He almost gave it to me, since our trucks are getting older I guess. I installed it, and it lasted about 7 months. So much for that, I'm outta patience. Pulled the entire seat out, turned it upside over, and bolted a flat piece of thin metal (10 ga) that I had shaped to be a handle, right to the seat release arm. Two 12-24 hex heads keep it nice and tight so there's no moving around. Not quite as convenient as the cable would have been, but much better than what the fine minds at GM engineering gave us.
    The upside is that it works as designed, and is not visible or intrusive to feet in the rear seat. (very rare occurrence) Hope this helps a bit.
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  4. Nova Joe

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    Thanks for your reply Bob!! I guess I'll have to take it apart to see what you're talking about. By "seat release arm", just exactly which one are you referring to?? Is it shown on the previous diagram? I did narrow it down to the cable and noticed it does have some "adjustment" on the one side? Thought it should have been an easy fix but it's not!! I don't carry passengers in the back, just boxes of stuff for work and a shop vac. I can just barely get stuff out now since the seat won't move forward enough!! Oh well, she's an old "work horse" and it could be worse!!
  5. azhobo

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    "Seat release arm". I'm talking about the under seat lever on the seat rail Joe. It's on the inboard travel rail, very close to the floorboards. Or...... it's the arm that the release cable attaches to. I think you'll find two tensioning springs attached to it also. I bolted my short "handle" to it so that it's easy to pull on now, and trip the release, allowing the seat to travel all the way forward. You can probably do a little butt scratchin' and come up with something better, but mine works easily, every time. It's just a matter of leverage to pull the latch a little easier.

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