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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by campuscop2003, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. campuscop2003

    campuscop2003 New Member

    I have been doing some reading and have been getting extremely worried about the all the stories of the 4L60E failures. I currently change the fluid every 10K, with Amsoil ATF, dont beat on it. I plan to install a cooler this spring, I also only use OD when on highway. I drive in 3rd all the time other than stated.I also do not tow or haul. I am broke and if the 4l60 dies, I am going to have to junk the truck, and I love this truck. Is there anything else I can be doing to prolong the life of this trans. It currently has 145K miles and shifts like a dream.

    I have been loosing sleep over this since reading online about the 4L60. Please help, Thanks
  2. rotaryenginepete

    rotaryenginepete New Member

    first off what kind of truck/motor do you have? second are you having any problems with it yet? third the 700R4/4L60E tranny is a very GOOD transmission. i wouldn't worry too much unless you are already having problems with it, but even then it is a very easy tranny to work on/rebuild and since it is so common usually its not too expensive to have worked on either.
  3. Velocity1

    Velocity1 New Member

    I just did PM on my 4l60E. Bought all the components from Oregon Performance trans. During my routine service, (fluid, filter and pan gasket), I installed a Transgo shift kit along with both of the clutch apply servos. My truck has 117k on it. Never had a problem with the trans, but reading here convinced me to do a little PM. All I can say is it's some of the best money I've ever spent. Shifts are crisp and overall performance is improved. If your trans is in as good of shape as you say, now is the time to make these mods. You'll be glad you did.
  4. campuscop2003

    campuscop2003 New Member

    I'm sorry, Its a 1998 Silverado Extended Cab 4X2 with the 5.7 Votec. No problems what so ever. Shifts great, almost shifts like a new trans.

    Whats the story with the sunshell failures. reading around the net makes it sound as if the 4L60s are guaranteed to fail. I think my piece of mind would still be in tact if I hadn't wanted to research this trans.
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  5. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    Just like anything you tend to hear more of the bad then the good. I have almost 130,000 on mine and all i have done is a fluid filter change, and that was done at 75,000 or so. But I dont pund the piss out of it nor do i have a really juiced up motor. My brother has 87,000 on his 01 Z71 and no problems.
  6. JennaBear

    JennaBear New Member

    Trans Go HD2 shift kit and a Vette Servo would be my suggestion
  7. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis New Member

    I've had my 1998 2wd Suburban-1500-for 3 years.The PO had the trans rebuilt at 185,000 miles.It has 212,000 miles now and runs just fine-gets 21 mpg at about 65 mph with the cruise control set.

    I don't get the impression that the 4L60E is failure prone. In general folks seem to get 150,000 miles out of them before a rebuilt-that seems about right?

    Don't worry about it.Just change the fluid and drive it.

    TYMBOM Former Member

    If everything is stock, you should be fine. Not to be confused with me liking 4L60's because I hate them.

    99'HEARTBEAT Moderator

    I'll add I more item to what has already been mentioned,in keeping your Transmission running strong.which is a Aftermarket Aluminum Finned deep Transmission pan.As everybody would agree that heat is the Killer of Transmission's.

    Here is IMO one of the best ones on the market today,

    I have not only Mag-Hytec's Trans Pan,but also have there rear Diff Cover.For me this has been the best 2 upgrades I have done to my Truck.

    BTW....I have a 140,000 on my Trans. and still going strong.
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  10. bigdaddy77084

    bigdaddy77084 New Member

    How can I tell what trans I have
  11. 99'HEARTBEAT

    99'HEARTBEAT Moderator

    Go to your Glove box and look for the One of Following RPO code's which means Regular Production Options.

    GU5.....3.23 Rear Gear ratio
  12. rotaryenginepete

    rotaryenginepete New Member

    thats rear end, if you have a pre 07 1500 series GM truck with 4 gears its probably a 4L60/700R4 of some sorts...but that RPO code will tell you.
  13. rotaryenginepete

    rotaryenginepete New Member

    ok, i think you were just giving the gear ratios as an example LMAO
  14. Mean_Green_95

    Mean_Green_95 New Member

    I have 171K on my trans. It's been beaten up and bruised due to the previous drivers. When I got her, the fluid was brown like chocolate. I just did a t-tech, which is a fluid exchange. She still runs strong, no hard or prolonged shifts.

    My dad's 1995 have 232K when my brother parked it due to trans problems. My dad sold it 3 months later. The new owner drove it away. (I can only figure a clogged filter, and after 3 months the debris fell out of the filter, allowing proper transmission function)
  15. 99'HEARTBEAT

    99'HEARTBEAT Moderator

    My bad....I was what was I thinking....Brain Damage...thanks for Pointing that out......:glasses:
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  16. Jimmiee

    Jimmiee New Member

    I wouldn't worry too much about the sun shell. What breaks them is high line pressure caused by converter slip codes. The root cause is the valve body wears and causes the converter to slip. Once the transmission sets a code like a P1860 or P1870 the transmission starts to shift hard. A lot of people continue to drive the truck in this condition which stresses the sun shell.
    The best thing you can do for your trans is to keep the fluid red. It's as simple as that. If you tow make sure you have an extra cooler. Most trucks with the tow option come with the extra cooler. If the transmission shifts good don't put a Corvette Servo on it as a Corvette Servo will make a good shifting transmission shift too hard. This causes early sun shell failure. Get your truck scanned for codes every once in a while. Codes can set without the check engine light illuminating. If your truck has lazy slip type shifts then install a TransGo kit. This will make your shifts crisp and prolong the life of your tranny.
  17. scrappiedew1

    scrappiedew1 New Member

    just keep doing what you are doing , i dont know if you have to drive it around in third ,unles it shifs in and out of over drive alot the ams oil tf will help. and if you tow just take it easy off the stop lights that helps also
  18. GMCZ71

    GMCZ71 New Member

    i have 216,000 miles on mine and has never been changed or rebuilt. the only thing i do to it is change the fluid and filter every year
  19. cruisnhard

    cruisnhard New Member

    M30 on the side of the trans would indicate a 4l60e/700r4. i do believe 1993 and older is 700r4 and 1994 and newer is the 4l60e.
  20. Mtrotter

    Mtrotter New Member

    Hi. Im new to this Forum and new to the GM world. I have always owned fords but love my 04 GMC Z71 crew cab with the 5.3 and GT4 3.73 and M30 4L60e. other than the short box its a great truck, but its having a few issues, mostly due to a wreck. Torsion bar issues mostly. but thats not what I wanted to ask. My truck has 69000 miles and shifts great.

    The truck will be towing a 2500lb car on a 1200 lb trailer with about 500lbs worth of gear and fuel on a regular basis. This is the trucks life. I havent towed yet because I want to install a Temperature gauge for the transmission and change to a "deep pan" along with the usual fluid and filter change prior to towing. I have loaded it with about 3000lbs of gravel and drove around 40 miles (I know this is more than the payload, but it did fine) the transmission has never been serviced and seems to shift like a dream. I have noticed no problems.

    My question is about the "deep pans" i have seen. alot of them are listed and 700R4/4L60e Pans. Are they interchangeable? I would think NO but thought I would ask.

    My other problems are:

    "Service 4x4" always pops up and when it does I cant engage 4 wheel drive. (I changed the incab switch) didnt fix it.

    The Torsion bar on the drivers side seems to be shifting, I can feel in the brake pedal that the front left wheels is moving forward and back but I can see nothing "shiny" on the torsion bar end to indicate movement.

    I have a slight rattle in the steering column when turning, when driving straight it tracks well and wont rattle or thump until I make a slight turn.

    Morgan Trotter

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