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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by drumrob, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. drumrob

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    My girlfriend has an 08 Bmw and when she unlocks her car an led thats hidden in the door handle making all four door handles glow. It looks really cool. I went to pep boys and founds some led's. Im going to try to that same effect. has anybody tried to do that or know atleast what I am talking about? If you look at the link below its kind of that effect but the leds are facing down.


    Another think I want to do is but some kind of line of led's behind the front grill to give it like a Knight Rider effect not sure if anybody has tried that either. Ill start doing the led in the handles this weekend hopefully
  2. ct9a

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    That's pretty cool. Keep us updated on how it goes.
  3. ct9a

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  4. drumrob

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  5. dwill3015

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    I t seems like an easy mod if you figure out where to mount the LED's.
  6. TRPLXL2

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    I have seen the lights that go under the doorhandles, they have them at syling concepts for $30 a pair. They look really sharp on a lighter colored vehicle, but I am curious to how well they will show up on your black truck. Here is a picture of the brand new handles they have out for the silverados, they come in all black or chrome as shown. You can get the amber colored lights, or you can get the red lights in them. I just ordered a set of black handles with the red lighting for mine, I saw them at a local car show last year on a silverado. A pair of these handles will cost around $157, and they are made by IPCW.:sign0011:
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  7. drumrob

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    thanks for all the tips im going to look into them. On your fist message I was able to go to the link. I am also curious to see how will the light look on my black truck which is why i was looking for white led's. I dont know if I should drill a little hole on the actual handle or just put one of those led's strips that you mentioned. Ill figure it out this weekend.
  8. drumrob

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    Ok so I left my truck yesterday at 5pm to get the leds installed on the door handles and its still at the shop. I guess it was harder than they though. It wasn't cheap either its costing me $200 but hopefully it is worth it I'm just anxious to see it already. Ill post some pics tomorrow
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    Well for my silverado i think i would put them behind the handel where you put your fingers to grasp to lever, but it might be more difficult then that, if u want it when u turn your key then your gonna need to steal some power from a wire that is hot when ignition is in ACC.

    Your Gonna Have To Take The Inside Door Cover Off To get to the inside handel, Wire everything, make sure you have the Correct Resisters inplace. other wise i would do it.
  10. drumrob

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    Well origianlly thats what the shop wanted to do but I wanted the led facing down. I put up some pictures in my albums so you can see my girlfriends car, I like how it looks

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