F/S hellwig powerlift rear leveling air spring suspension system

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  1. colebulen

    colebulen New Member

    Reduced price! Selling a Hellwig powerlift rear leveling air spring suspension system

    SOLD. For a new gen Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Escalade. If you do any towing/hauling or just want to add height adjustability on-the-fly to the rear end.

    The system is a Hellwig Powerlift 6097 (with compressor and air tank). I think you can find these on Ebay for maybe $900. I'm asking $260 now for the whole kit, instructions included. I'll still take any reasonable offer and shipping is an option if you're not close by!

    This is just a pic of the contents, mine is all in a box in the garage...
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  2. JKB

    JKB New Member

    do you have the powerlift currently available?
  3. colebulen

    colebulen New Member

    Yes I sure do. Interested?
  4. colebulen

    colebulen New Member

    What my Av looked like with the Powerlift on the rear and 1.5" spacers in the front...

    Truck 002.jpg Truck 003.jpg

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