F***, that's all I got to say.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Conlan Rose, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Conlan Rose

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    So well driving up to camp I felt my tires were low so I stopped at a gas station to fill them. I put in my quarters and it started and as I tried to fill my tire the hose began to leak like crazy running my pressure from sorta low to really low. I then cursed out the pump and drove away because they were a** holes. I went to a second station and had the attendant turn the machine on. I then tried to use it and it just didn't work not sure why and it also lowered my pressure.

    So now with the world against me and two really low tires I gave up on my trip up to camp and came home to use my pump. On the way home while I left the gas station I reved way to high and the truck didn't seem totally happy with me. Once I got home I reved lightly a couple times parked in the driveway just to see if any fluids might be leaking. I shut her down and come to find a small puddle of oil. GREAT!! JUST FRICKEN GREAT!!!

    As you can see my day has sucked now I'm stuck at home with a truck that's leaking oil like crazy, and because I really lost my temper and kinda flipped out I broke my glasses. BTW my parents left for the weekend so I have close to 0 cash and I still need to find where I'm leaking from. I'm not very happy and the amount of words I want to use but can't on here is insane. I've never been that pissed before. Kinda also punched a hole in the wall.... Gonna have to fix that too.
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    It's just not your day And the Snow gas started in our area.... Sorry to hear of your problems.. Do you keep a Compressor in the truck?
  3. Als09Sierra

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    Sorry to hear about all that trouble. I know how frustrating it can be. When you think about it though, if you didn't have the tire problems, you would've been at camp with an oil leak. I hope it works out and is not anything major. Good luck.
  4. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Rockstar 3 Years 1000 Posts

    I used to until my dad began to have problems with his cars tires so he keeps it. I'm gonna borrow his car for the weekend. Still very unhappy about it all. currently writing the company I bought the radiator from because it is leaking from the oil cooler. Boy are they in for a show.

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    Yup pretty much. My local shell will be getting a very stern call from me.
  5. TRPLXL2

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    Oh yeah I have had that type of day.

    Got a blow out on my rear tire on the s10 at 3:00 in the morning.
    Pull over to change it, jack the truck up BOOM my jack snaps in half!! (factory jack)
    I go to my second scissor jack, get the spare on, drop it back down and BOOM!! spare tire blows out,........great
    I fill the original tire blowout with SLIME, and I make it home with 2 destroyed tires, and a broken jack...
  6. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Rockstar 3 Years 1000 Posts

    I was so worried about blow out on the two fronts that were at almost 25 psi.... and my spare is to large to use.
  7. Enkeiavalanche

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    If I was closer I'd be up there to help...Getting Snow?
  8. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Rockstar 3 Years 1000 Posts

    Yup drove up to North Hartford in it in my dad's Honda Insight. Kinda scary....
  9. Kady

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    Snow? My bf is in ct for work right now and hasn't mentioned any snow! He's in the GMC w4500, I hope it doesn't snow, or I'm gonna have to go save him in the Tahoe.
  10. SurrealOne

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    Crappy day. :grrrrrr:

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