F1 Champ boat Racing!

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    Here is a couple links to F1 Champ Boat racing witch AMSOIL is the presenting sponsor of.






    A Letter from Terry Rinker to AMSOIL
    Dear AMSOIL,

    Thank you very much for the award from AMSOIL. It is nice to know that our representation of AMSOIL is appreciated. Our team takes pride in doing everything we can to represent our sponsors in the most favorable way possible. This is easy with AMSOIL.
    The performance of your products speaks for itself. The lubricants, we believe, have played a big part in our team's ability to have zero motor failures in the 2006 season.
    I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.
    Terry Rinker
    2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008 ChampBoat National Champion
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    Those boats are so awesome to watch run, when we had our boat we used to go out to Lake Erie when they had the power boat series back in the 90's. They would have cigarette boats mostly, but there would also be 4 or 5 of the boats like you showed on this thread. I remember standing on the docks when they would fire up one of those big boats, back when they would run dual 502 BBC with whipples on top for good measure. I know now they are running way over that as far as cubic inches go, but they used to give me goosebumps from that nice bubbly sound they would make in the water. I haven't been to a boat race in about 10 years, so maybe I will check this one out although I have never driven into Michigan before other than the Casino. :happy:
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    Here is the full schedule

    Date Location May 2-3 Port Neches, TX June 20-21 Evansville, IN June 27-28 Bay City, MI Aug 1-2 St. Louis, MO Aug 15-16 Nashville, TN Sept 5-6 TBA Sept 19-20 TBA Nov 7-8 Naples, FL TBA Champ Awards

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