Factory Style Bushwacker Flares for Sale

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    These are new OE style fender flares made by Bushwacker. I purchased them for my 08 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab prior to lifting it. I had them painted at the local Chevy dealership for my stock white color Silverado. Since I lifted my truck, the right rear flare cracked at the bottom(unseen unless your laying under the truck) and Bushwacker sent me two replacement flares for the rear. I have never had them painted since I decided to go with the cut out style Bushwacker flares as soon as I sell these and I want them black this time. I paid $400 for the flares and had them painted for another $300.00. So for $425.00 you get four painted white flares and two flat black flares still in box. I just want more of an aggressive look since my truck turned out bigger then I planned when I installed these.

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