Factory Wheel Specs?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by BSmith1987, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. BSmith1987

    BSmith1987 New Member

    Been looking around on the internet trying to find the specs of the factory 18x8 Wheels to compare them to the pro comp wheels I want to get. My nittos I got on my factory wheels rubs my a-arms at full lock and I was hoping these might stick the tire furtherout to clear without having to get wheel spacers.


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    The Factory Alloy....18/8.'s.....have a +31 offset...which give them a 5.7in Backspace.
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  3. BSmith1987

    BSmith1987 New Member

    Well the specs on the wheels I’m looking at is 18x9 , 6x5.5 Center: 108 Offset: 0mm BKSP: 5”

    Not sure how to figure it, but would these push the tire further out and maybe get rid of my A-arm rubbing issuse?

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    Specs on your Factory Rims
    ....6x5.5 Bolt pattern
    ...+31 Offset
    ....5.7in Backspace

    Specs on the Pro Comp Rims
    .....6x5.5 Bolt Pattern
    .....0 Zero Offset
    ....5in BackSpace

    .....The Pro Comp Rims 18/9's will stick out (1.2in) Farther than your Factory 18's do now,you should be Fine.

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  5. asu4cjustice

    asu4cjustice Rockstar

    Where did you find out the Backspacing for the 18" factory wheels? i have the 18" factory wheels (Z71) and want to put a lift on it and everyone has a minumim backspacing i need to have in order to use the factory 18" wheels... most have suggested a wheel spacer. I dont know how i feel about running a spacer.. doesnt sound liek a good idea for the suspension components.
  6. Blackout07

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    Have you done any trimming? That 0 offset will cure the rubbing on the control arm, but it's going to make you rub alot on the outside of the fenders.
  7. BSmith1987

    BSmith1987 New Member

    I'm looking at changing my wheels up again and how would some with 18x9 , 6x5.5 BKSP: 4.53” Offset: -12mm stick out or in compared to some stock wheels?
  8. ajarman

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    If you are comparing stock (+31mm offset) wheels to a set of -12mm offset wheels there is a big BIG difference. the wheel will stick out 1.7 inches on each side. If you are still going to be running the level kit you need to get a 3" BL to run those wheels and get ready to trim.
  9. Blackout07

    Blackout07 Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    Agreed. Otherwise it isn't happening. My wheels are only 1" wider but with 4.5" BS and they stick out quite a bit. You will have serious issues with those wheels.
  10. BSmith1987

    BSmith1987 New Member

    Oh ok, i was hoping they wouldnt be as bad as my pro comps. Think they will still rub even with 285/65/18 tires instead of my 305/60/18's?

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