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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by AMac, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. AMac

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    Last month I installed some in-channel window visors manufactured by EGR. I strayed away from the usual brand because these were cheaper and had good reviews. Today I noticed that they had a pinkish tint to them, meaning it looks like they are starting to fade. Does this sound right? Maybe I didn't notice the color when installing so they've always been like that? Considering my attention to detail I'm thinking not, but was wondering if anyone has had any "quick to fade" issues relating to this product.

    My idea to remedy this is to have them wrapped in vinyl. A vinyl used specifically for wrapping vehicles and I wouldn't have to worry about fading issues. Of course, I'd go with black, specifically 3M 1080-M12. I did a quick google search and it looks like I'm not the only crazy person thinking of this idea. I found a forum with a post of how to do it and think it will be fairly easy.
  2. HFD525

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    I put some on my Dodge about 6 years ago and they have not faded yet.
  3. AMac

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    I've had window visors on every vehicle I can think of and this is the first time I've seen what is supposed to be a smoke black color, a pink/black color. I'm considering contacting the company but think it might actually look cooler if I wrapped them to match the bumpers. I'm pretty sure EGR is a member on here so maybe they'll see this and have some input.
  4. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    I'm bored, so I decided to try to post a helpful response for once. I did some online research and read many reviews, and while it's not a common thing to be brought up, I've come across more than one review stating there was a "brownish-red" "red" or "pinkish" tint to these. So my guess would be that you simply didn't notice when you installed them rather than simply fading that quickly. Perhaps it's light enough that most people just don't give it a second though. I don't know.

    All of that being said, I kind of like the idea of the vinyl. That could look really nice.
  5. tbplus10

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    The guy from that other forum should've done some research and saved himself a little, EGR sells Carbon Fiber look window visors, I've had a set on my Tacoma since 1999.
    And like Jeremy posted there seems to be a few people out there that have noticed a color issue on their visors since day one.
  6. AMac

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    Well thank you for doing the research to help me out, good to know but now I know not to buy from EGR. I never had this problem with AVS, weather-tech, or Putco. Sorry to name drop but it's true. I guess you get what you pay for. Oh and I should be disappointed in myself for not noticing. The lighting may have been just right this time though. Can't notice very much but now it irks me. Plus it's a mod idea that will be fairly cheap and subtle, but interesting.
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  7. AMac

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    To follow up, the manufacturer, EGR, contacted me about my concern. After sending a pic EGR wasted no time to work on sending me out replacements. [MENTION=51367]EGRUSA[/MENTION] thank you for your responsive customer service. Shame on me for attempting to dismiss the idea of future purchases based on one bad experience that I didn't even attempt to work with the mfg. on.
  8. SurrealOne

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    That's good to hear.
  9. aloxdaddy99

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    It's nice to see a company stand behind their product. They have probably seen how anal you are about the ornament so they know it wasn't BS. LOL
  10. sstoner911

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    What did you do with the old ones? I may be interested in buying them off you if you have no use for them. Iam going to dip them :)

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