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    was wondering what a gould tuner or chip may be worth.. a moderatley priced one would be nice and which one would be easier a chip or a tuner?
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    Hi W1T3OUT918,

    If your truck is a 1999 or newer silverado/sierra then a tuner would be the simplest option. I went with the Intune from Diablo Sport. Give me a sec and I can grab a link to a review I did when I got mine.

    If you are a diesel, then a combination of a chip, tuner and a few other things will be the best option.

    Here is the link to the mini review I did on the Intune:


    The Intune is $399 and their higher end model the "Trinity" I believe is $599, it just has a bigger display and a few more functions built in.
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    for your 2003, tuning is flash-based directly to the pcm... no "chips"... and any of the so-called "chips" you see advertised, stay away from, they're garbage and don't do anything...

    the diablosport inTune flash programmer would work for your truck... the most end-user adjustability of any handheld flash programmer, better/more complete datalogging - supports more parameters than others, scan/clear trouble codes, PLUS you can get custom tuning done for it/your vehicle - which you can not with others - you are stuck with whatever tunes they give you...

    I have the inTune's available - can purchase just the inTune itself ($390), or I also offer a package deal that includes my custom tuning at a reduced cost ($485) so you'd save $$... here's info:


    any questions, please feel free to hit me up...


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