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  1. killbucket

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    I made my own nerfs, out of 3" ABS pipe.

    Big 'n' Littles. On Steelies, body-color. Nobody runs rubber this way anymore. Tire rotation won THAT war. I held off on getting whitewalls...for now!

    OK, now we're far enough back to see her.

    You'll kindly find my first photo album on the forum here, and that shows all my stereo install
    (ongoing) pics.

    But you can see my CNC'd gas door here!

    The scoop while it was under construction.
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  2. TRPLXL2

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    OMG I frickin love your truck, that intake piece sticking out through the hood is awesome! I would love to have one of them on my Silverado, your whole truck is very interesting in a unique way. How in the hell did you think of the engine scoop idea, that is probably the most clever thing I have ever seen done. The moonies on your truck are nice touch as well, it just screams old school hot rod. Too bad you live in California because I would love to see this truck in person, are you a body shop guy because there is a lot of custom work here not to mention all the paint work. Great job, and I look forward to seeing your future projects!........AMY
  3. Eddie Z71

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    Man! Your truck is BAD!!!:great: I think you need to enter the ROTM!!!:glasses: Thanks for the pictures of your cool ride!
  4. Thundare

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    Thats a very nice truck! but why do u have nerf bars but they are not sticking out far enough so you can use them?
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  5. KidHauler

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    Oh, I miss that look! You're certainly on to something. Good looking ride. I say lower it just a touch, to fill the wheel wells up.

    Also, since those nerfs are ABS, what about lake pipes? Move your rear mount forward, then do a turn out for the exhaust tip.

    Cool truck, and welcome to the site.
  6. killbucket

    killbucket Rockstar 100 Posts

    I'm seeing more and more vehicles with Steelies, they're def on a comeback curve. Aluminum billet wheels have gotten so ubiquitous, nobody notices, or even comments on them anymore. My guess is, in a few years nobody will pay for billet, because it will be considered pointless.
    The original reason for "alloy" wheels was lower weight. Most current offerings are gigantic boat-anchors, massive in all respects.

    My whole set here was less than $600 out the door, tires, taxes, and all. And does it ever have a nice plush ride, with the thick dough-nuts on them. Rubber-band tires LOOK good (well, that's fading, along with the "exclusivity" they once conveyed), but ride terrible, and do nothing to prevent frequent wheel damage from road hazards. With my setup, I pretty much ignore chuckholes.

    I did consider fake side-pipes, but decided the world wasn't ready yet.
    The nerfs are cosmetic, JUST like the steel ones that are marketed...what I was after most was hiding the ugly body flange along the bottom of the cab. since the "Extreme" version has ground effects (HAR), I nixed copying that look in any way.

    PhotoShopped 3" lowering, approx. I didn't like it, because it instantly looked like every other slammed Colorado. For that same reason, there will never be a rolled pan on the back, even though I REALLY LIKE the look of them. There's a good chance it could end up with a simple tube for one, as in the "old days".
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  7. KidHauler

    KidHauler Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    I agree.
    Most of the alloy stuff is just too busy, rubber band tires are for tuners, and bigs n littles do fit your fender flares. I took some crap for putting smoothies on my 67 Mustang, but at $60 a wheel, and it looks cool? Whatever.

    There used to be an abs side skirt out there, about 2x3, that would cover up the flange, but I haven't been able to find them in years.

    In response to TRPLXL2, for the small opening in the back wall, I put a "Danger High Voltage" sticker on the back panel of my pickup, above the amp. Mine was no where near as awesome as your set up, but I got a lot of compliments on it. (Oops, got my threads confused. This goes in the audio section.)

    Agian, cool truck.
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  8. killbucket

    killbucket Rockstar 100 Posts


    The middle hole (!) in the back wall is for the kid seat anchor, that I will NEVER, EVER, use. I've actually snapped the stock cover thing back on for now. I'm thinking of just whipping up a center filler piece that links the two panels together.

    My rough plan is to use my CNC to engrave the power inputs, remote circuits, signal paths and amp layouts



    onto mirrored plex, and mount one on each side there.
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  9. tbplus10

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    The truck looks great. Side exhaust would look cool too.
  10. retired2001

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    I agree with "all the above"! Lookin' Good!!!

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