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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by chv666, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. chv666

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    hi i have a 383 stroker in my 1988 c1500 i have a big problem every time i accelerate hard it throws my fan belt off which is major annoying i have checked that all the pulleys are in line its a serpentine belt that runs everything please someone help me i had to put it back on twice tonight in the rain on the side of the road
  2. 4x4squared

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    Before you buy anything, make sure the belt is routed correctly lol if it is, go to your local auto parts store and ask to see a belt for your truck and compare. If the belts stretched out it can slip off. Also make sure your tensioner is working correctly, obviously if it's not holding the belt tight, it'll come off. Let's hope its as easy as a new belt or needs to be routed differently haha
  3. Coach24

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    Check tensioner and proper depth in puley's. Are Pulley's stock or aftermarket? Belt if not new may be stretched but usually tensioner compensates for that.
    Maybe have some other person step on the gas while hood is up and see if you can identify from there. Be careful . Belt slaps hurt, got slapped by a blower belt and it does leave a mark.
  4. dedmon27

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    If all the stuff 4x4 and coach said to check check out. You might need under drive pulleys. Don't now what rpms your running on your 383 compared to stock rpm's but I assume when you say hard acceleration I assume high rpm's to. Also check to see if there is unusually high amount of drag on your acc. pulleys. Good luck.
  5. chv666

    chv666 New Member

    Hi thanks guys I appreciate all the input Thanks 4x4 the belt is running the right route( unless because I'm in the southern hemisphere it runs backwards like a toilet lol) Thanks coach I have had two different length belts to try and fixout but both come off the shorter one on start up the longer one on acceleration I have had someone rev it while I watch but it happened so quick I couldn't see anything thanks dedmon I don't have huge rpms because the belt won't stay on long enough so the only thing I haven't tried is the tensioner I hope that's the problem otherwise I might buy a ford !!!! just kidding!!!!!!

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