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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Phat 02 Silverado, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Phat 02 Silverado

    Phat 02 Silverado New Member

    Hi I have a 02 5.3L silverado extended cab 4x4 with 160k on it. The fan belt has started squeaking all the time. So I replace the Belt and it was quit for a couple days. I went to the lake which is a hr away. Then the next morning it started making noise again when the engine was cool. When It warmed up the noise went away. So I replace the Idler pulley which felt a little rough. That did not make much of a difference. Still made noise when it was cool and was quit when it warmed up. So I replace the belt tensioner and pulley. Now this morning it Squeak the hole way to work and was louder. I can not pin point where it is squeaking from or if it is everywhere on the belt. Could a alternator cause enough drag on the belt to make it squeak. I am getting tired of change thing out and not have much luck and making it worse. If anyone has any ideas please share. Thanks.
  2. Bougaev

    Bougaev Member

    I used to have the similar problem... So I replaced all the pulleys and belt tensioner - nothing changed. Replaced AC compressor - nothing. Alternator - nothing. Than the power steering pump - now it's ok. :)
    So, You should try in the same way. It takes money and time, but in the end You'll get a brand new engine! :)
  3. Phat 02 Silverado

    Phat 02 Silverado New Member

    Ok I tried a different alternator and still had the squeal. So I was able to get another belt and it was quit for the first 5 miles then it started squealing again. The power steering pulley turns really easy. So I have no clue now what to due. Thanks
  4. murdog94

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    have you take a look at your AC belt and tensioner? those are a common culprit and can easly be over looked (im very guilty since i forget there are 2 belts)
  5. silveradotrailblazer

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    Go to They make belts and pulleys and have some very good videos with tech tips.
  6. Bougaev

    Bougaev Member

    So, I think that any of that terrible squeaks can be made with:
    - bearings, so You have to check all of them with pressing to the axle and rotating it in the same time
    - poor quality belt, but You have already changed it...
    - non coaxial installation of equipment like alternator and AC compressor. You can use laser leveling device to check it, or just a huge and straight piece of a thick plywood.
    As for me - It took me over half year and more than $3000 to check and replace everything :)
    Hope You find the bad working point faster and easier.
  7. Phat 02 Silverado

    Phat 02 Silverado New Member

    Ok so I clean all the pulley that the belt runs on with a wire brush and some cleaner. Then I clean the belt and put it back on. Still was squeak right away. So I went to Napa and bough one of there brand belts and so far it has not made a noise. Its been 3 days so far.
  8. 1ATony

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    Here's a good video on how to replace that tensioner
  9. 05silverado13

    05silverado13 New Member

    I too had the same problem with the squeak. If it squeaks all the time, the best thing I can tell you to do is to take the belt off and start the truck. If it stops squeaking without the belt on, I have found more than likely that the belt is the culprit. If it still squeaks you can take an automotive stethascope to check for noises. Hope this helps, as it did for me!
  10. Thumper

    Thumper New Member

    Loose belts, dust, and fluid are usual causes with noisy belts. I have taken a high powered air nozzle on a compressor and blown out the pulley system while the engine was running, blowing out any dust or fluid on the pulleys/belts and that solved my problem. Sometimes it is a bad or worn belt that is the issue. The squeaking is typically caused from the belt slipping while on the pulley. Typically it won't start until the engine has warmed up, heat causeing the expansion of the rubber belt to slip and squeak. Hope this helps anyone with this issue in the future. Often a quick simple fix to an otherwise costly investigation.
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