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    I have a 2004 chevy tahoe with a in dash DVD player and 3 12inch kicker L5's and every time I come to a complete stop I get alot of feedback, sounds like static. You can still hear the music it's just annoying, but as soon as I take off it stops. The system I had before was 2 12inch L5's and I never had this problem.
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    sounds like a bad ground or getting noice from the distributor. i think you can by a filter that goes inline with the radio to get rid of that noice
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    Agreed, you either have a bad ground or your RCA's could be damaged somewhere along the run. But do you have a pioneer unit? If so this is common in almost all pioneers they have the weakest ground board in the radio cause everything shares one common ground. If it is a pioneer the easiest way to fix it is to pull out the unit, strip back some of the grey coating around one of the RCA's, you'll be able to see what looks like ground cable wraped around inside (it is) just strip back a separate piece of wire and wrap it around there good and tape it up, then attach that wire to the bolt hole on tha back of he pioneer to ground it and problem solved!

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