FF Dynamics electric fans?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by bry2500, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. bry2500

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    I found these electric fan conversion kits from FF Dynamics. They have a double conversion setup for diesel and HD applications that they say will work for the Avalanche 2500. It says they are 7000CFM combined and at full speed they draw 17 amps each. The price for the full kit is $350 this is 2/3 the price if the flex-a-lite 920 monster setup ($568) that is needed for the AV 2500. Any insight would e great. I just don't want to make a bad purchase and have heard mixed reviews about flex-a-lite. So if this kit is better and at a lower price, it becomes a no brainer.

    Check out the link
  2. cascott325

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    i dont have an opinion due to the fact that i havent used them, but ebay has that brand with dual setups for cheaper in never been used conditions if you want to save a little more
  3. collinsperformance

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    your choice, but my 2 cents worth is do the Ford Tarus fan and its setup is only $75 on the high side all the way down to free if you score parts. the only new part i buy is the fan controller and they go for $15-39 depending on where you look. i cooled the shop with a couple of these and done small blocks, big blocks, rock crawlers and inports. i seen these fans used to propel boats and and under water toys and seen the fan used to help dry the condensor for an air compressor dryer. I myself have done too many of these fan swaps to list and never let down (i did get one bad junk yard fan but they allowed a free swap. these fans are easy to install and come with a shroud and mounting points. it is something you can get anywhere on the road if it happened to fail.............mike
  4. cascott325

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    as soon as i have time, i am gonna go for the tarus fan. i have been researching wiring kits for it, and i have found a few more places to go look for the fans. thanks mike
  5. bry2500

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    thanks for the info. I'm gonna look into the taurus setup. I hope it will be enough cooling for my big block.
  6. Joshuaj

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    Buyer beware! The system was bought for me as a gift 6 months ago. I had it installed 5 months ago and check the power and ground connections myself. 4 months later the first fan went out causing it to overheat while the a/c was on. I emailed the company to ask about the warranty. To this day still no reply on that email. And there isn't a contact number to reach anyone. A month later the other system went out and left me immobile. Once again I wrote the company and waited a week. A week is a long time to be down a vehicle. And still no response. So I checked the BBB, and come to find out they are not accredited for not honoring warranties. http://www.bbb.org/new-jersey/busin...r/ff-dynamics-in-west-long-branch-nj-90114482. So I sent the company a threatening email saying I would put them on blast if they didn't honor their warranty, especially after I sent them all my information abouty system and the warranty. They wrote back they they never received it, and that they wouldn't help me because me email was rude and threatening. Hey atleast they replied to this one! In fact here it is;
    Hello Joshua,

    We do not deal with threats of bad reviews on forums and we do not deal with people who tell how to run our business and try to tell us the correct way a warranty should be handled. Go tell Sony, Pioneer, Sharp that they are all also doing it wrong when it comes to warranty service, that to have items being registered for warranty work to be handled. If you would have taken 2 minutes out of your day to fill out the warranty card and sent it to us so we know, where, what, when and from whom you purchased from, along with if this was a refurbished system or a new system or a used system. We have no way in verifying anything you say, without registering your product when you purchase the system. Your emails to us have been rude and demanding and you still have not provided any proof that you own the system and which system it was. We will not send you any free parts, period. You may do what you like on the forums, we have a loyal following and we do not believe, that one bad apple will do any damage to our company. People are much smarter than to take the words of an irate forum user that has a chip on his shoulder.

    As you can see they are rude themselves, and have not even offered a solution that would allow me to purchase just the motors. And yes the relays get hot and burn out I've already replaced them once. But in the end it was the motors burning out that left me immobile for over a week now. My advice is to find a reputable company.
  7. Well you could go really cheap with a couple of 10" box fans from Walmart for $9.95 each and a cigarrette lighter plug inverter for $20 at Radio Shack, and a 10' extension cord from True Value for $5.95....I've always found you get what you pay for and it's doubtful that I would ever bolt Ford parts on my Chevy, even if they were given to me free.

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