Filling Fuel Tank During Vehicle Layover or Storage

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by The Heater, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Hello, all:

    I looked for a thread on this topic, and finding none, I am posting my opinion here.

    Storage of more than a few weeks requires filling the tank full. I did see some comments within some posts in threads where some said to leave the tank empty or not very full. This causes MORE water to condense within the walls of your fuel tank and causes more water accumulation in the fuel. You can also use a fuel storage additive.

    There are some myths about ethanol fuel that are busted in an article in Boat US magazine. I don't want to violate copyright laws so I am simply posting the link here.

    I have a ski boat and I drain all the fuel out and store the boat in a heated garage. If you go that route, as a car restorer myself, I can tell you it keeps any water out of the tank, but most of our vehicles won't be laid up like that, so you need to keep the tank full.

    On motorcycles, with small tanks, there are two choices: shut off the carburetor fuel feed and run the engine till it stops, drain the fuel bowls of any remaining fuel, and then either remove the tank and empty it completely, or fill it and put a fuel storage material in the fuel, or go to a small airport and pick up aviation fuel (most of it is over 100 octane) which has a composition that is anti water, and fill your tank with it.

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    The issue with a full tank here is the ethenal breaks the fuel down MUCH faster, causing the residue and gummed up stuff.. so the best bet for most is to use a storage addative, and then add fresh fuel when you bring it back out of storage.
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    When I used to store my Vespa for the winter I would put the fuel stabilizer in it, with a full tank of gas. With vehicles no matter what I do I always end up with fuel problems, then again I have too many to keep them all in the pole barn lol! Spring time is normally drop the gas tank time.....
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    Your best bet is to fill it up maybe half way, dump a ton of SeaFoam in the tank, park the thing, drain the fuel lines completely, and go that route. It'll run like crap for a while, but the lines wont be gummed up, the SeaFoam should keep water out of the fuel, and keep it good for a few years. Course, I've seen cars sit for 10 years and still run on the same gas from 10 years ago, it's amazing what some cars can burn.

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