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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by nabisco_12, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. JnBama

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  2. nabisco_12

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    I took the truck in and the shop said the canister was full of crap, so they said that if it was un hooked that would get it to fill better. so it was un hooked lol but still having issues, what other things could it be?
  3. Patman

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    my 2006 did the same thing and all i did was replace the charcoal canister and clean out the vent solenoid all is located to the right of the fuel tank. if you are going to tackle the job yourself be very careful with the lines on the cannister. as soon as i did mine it filled up fast and has stayed that way ever since. it used to take me 45 mins to fill.

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    030925TC03-838.jpg here is what you will most likelly need... replace #1 and clean out # 3
  4. the phantom

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    The canister and vent selonoid, are 2 different parts. If your vent selonoid is clogged or stuck shut it would also cause hard filling issues. Im not awhare of any other problems that could cause these problems.
  5. j cat

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    the vapor canister gets damaged from over filling the fuel tank. what can happen is you fillup on a cool morning and park the vehicle in the hot sun after a very short trip. the fuel expands and floods the charcoal canister. then the charcoal migrates to plug up these venting lines/controls.In the winter this occurs with those that have heated garages. fill to the 3/4 level . since they found this plugged up I would consider replacing this canister and cleaning all the venting lines. If not a good chance this will continue.
  6. FrigginNoodles

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    I had this problem with my 07 silv classic. I ordered the relocation kit for the fuel vent and problem solved. Mine also was giving me the 'tighten gas cap" msg and threw the code p4066 (if I'm remembering right). The kit was an easy install. No trouble since. Best of luck on your repairs.
  7. nabisco_12

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    thanks guys im taking it back in, if the canaster is un hooked would the selonoid still be hooked up??

    noodles where did u get the relocation kit?

    patman is cleaning the vent noid part easy? no special tools or funky stuff? just pull it off and clean up and reinstall?

    thanks so much guys! maybe i can just do this at home!
  8. j cat

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    the canister is the venting system. the solenoid is connected to it. the large line is the venting line which goes to the solenoid. with the canister damaged this is why most times the venting is impossible/restricted causing it to spit back on fueling.

    if all the lines are disconnected and not plugged you should have no problems fueling.

    since it was determined the canister is defective cleaning should not correct this.
  9. nabisco_12

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    this is all they did can i just bypass the noid and canister and put the two hose's together? where is a good place to go if i want to replace the crap?


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  10. Patman

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    the solenoid would take about 5 mins to clean out and is very simple (mine was full of gravel) and when you get the canister out, being super careful when unhooking the lines, blow out all the lines with compressed air. when you have the old canister out hold it against the new one and notice the weight diff. when everything is clean put it all back together the way it came out and enjoy.

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