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  1. 9191gmc

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    off topic in a small jap car
    if you take the oil filter off without drainig the main oil much will spill out?? Toyota
  2. j cat

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    jap cars I have worked with have replaceable filter elements some do not. from my experience slightly less than a qt of oil.
  3. MonkeyWrench

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    I do regular maintenance on a 02 Camry v6 and every time I change oil only about a half quart (if that) drains out of filter and housing. To make it easy on yourself just loosen the filter a bit until oil starts draining out that way you get most of it out before you take the filter completely off.

  4. redvett

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  5. j cat

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    I would not say jap products are crap. they do make quality cars and electronics. the japs back in the 30's/40's where bad racist people, and they where butchers to the Chinese and war relative was in pearl harbor when they attacked that day. he did 6 years in the pacific fighting them.

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    Thanks but we do NOT need talk like this on the site It is a Family site and we do like to keep it clean..

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