Finally Arrived - Need accessories suggestions

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by chevyson, May 19, 2013.

  1. buckmeister2

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    Welcome, and congrats on your new ride. You are going to love having a truck.

    I would go with leveling the truck(+2" up in front, or down in back, but longbeds look better up than down), spray-in bedliner, cat-back dual exhaust. Remember, in most cases, less is more. If you load it down with mods, it will look like you walked through Pep Boys with a magnet, and bought anything that stuck.

  2. aloxdaddy99

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    Being in SE Va a place to look for Mods is just over the border to NC on 168. They have a bunch of stuff for trucks. Things like window visors, bed covers, side steps and anything needed for towing.
    My first 3 mods were a tonnaeu cover. I actually ordered it the day after I bought the truck. My level kit. And my Recon white lightning tailgate lightbar.
  3. SurrealOne

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    Welcome and congrats! :great:

    My answers to your questions (in order) are:

    1. -- price check elsewhere first, then see if Amazon has it for less (especially if you're a Prime member, as shipping is free)
    2. Wheels, tires, and fender flares (but my truck was used and already lifted with one I liked. I'd have done lift, wheels, and tires if it hadn't been)
    3. Depends entirely on the fan.
  4. BlackBeaard

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    Hey, Congrats on the the truck! For me AUTOANYTHING.COM has been a great source for parts, however that being said there is a lot of things they dont have. When you are looking for parts google is your friend and so is AMAZON. I know that personally with that truck the first thing i would be doing is getting different tires, a tune and a BANKS
    POWER KIT. But that is just me. When you are looking to mod things with a new truck though I would be careful and make sure what you want to do will not void your warranty.
    1),, google search for silverado accessories.
    2)my first 3 mods- Bullly Dog programmer, 4" rough country lift, rims and tires.
    3) I would say there are more of us then for the corvettes but they are a lot more extreme then we are. IMO.
    Have fun with your new truck, cant wait to see those pictures.

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