Finally got lower headlights cleared

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by FrigginNoodles, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. FrigginNoodles

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    Hey guys,

    Well, I finally got around to clearing and painting my lower headlights (I did the upper ones a couple weeks ago). I had an opportunity to get some pics this morning and even took a video of them in action. I was able to remove the yellow tinting off of the bulbs that were already in there so now all my signals up front flash white. With the blinkers being sequenced it reminds me of a cop car with the hazards on. I'm not sure if this is legal, but it doesn't matter to me because it looks sweet. So until I get bothered about them, the white blinkers are staying :great:

    Here are some pics and the video.
    ***The video has a sneak peak at my next (almost) free mod that I am working on***

    See guys are good in the kitchen!




    Here is a video:

    PS. I had my truck crammed in the small side of the garage so I couldn't get the best pics. I will try to get some good ones next time I wash the truck.
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  2. Blacksheep1

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    Looks great, I wonder how much the man will hassle you about clear signals. Sweet ride!!!
  3. mfleetwood

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    Pretty should do a "how to" write up on the steps it took to remove the yellow from the housing. It'll be great information for those that want to do the same thing...which I am sure many will as they look great.
  4. ajarman

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    X2 on a write up on this. I thought I liked the tinted lights, but wow the cleared is way better!!
  5. FrigginNoodles

    FrigginNoodles Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Thanks for all the great feedback. I had some help finding a how to on this before I actually went for it. I had always found how to's for the NBS headlights, but never my model. I can't say thanks enough to TELORVEHC for finding this guide for me. -------->

    The only thing that I did differently was the painting of the interior black plastic trim pieces. In the upper headlights these practically falls out once you get the light open. So sanding and painting are easily done. On the lower headlights that same looking black trim piece is molded into the light. So I went and got some 3m automotive grade painting tape and went to town taping off everything but the trim piece. Another thing is don't touch or try to clean the chrome finish inside the light. It is very thin and turns black with a touch.

    If anyone ever has questions about this just shoot me a pm or respond here and I'll do my best to get you an answer.

    Thanks again everyone.
  6. adampaul1964

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    That's a nice looking mod, the red paint is a nice touch. I've considered this mod but I'm afraid I won't like the finished look. Maybe I'll look into it again!
  7. sstoner911

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    What temp did you bake then at and for how long.....
  8. FrigginNoodles

    FrigginNoodles Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Hey thanks. The lower lights have a mirror finish under where the reflector is. That is the only thing that looks a little odd at first, but I still love em.

    I did them at 200 degrees for 5 minutes or until they were warm to the touch. It took a ton of rounds of warming them prying a bit until they were cool. Then back in the oven they would go. Just opening the light is the hardest part, but if you have patience then it would be fine. It took me about an hour and a half to open each light. (I still can't believe all together I spent 6 hours opening these things) Half of the time I was just hanging by the oven waiting for them to reheat.
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    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    The lights came out great dude, glad I could be of assistance with the link:money:
  10. IPFK83

    IPFK83 Rockstar 3 Years 100 Posts

    Looks great man.

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