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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by helomech, Mar 28, 2007.

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    I joined the forum back in January when I started looking for a Suburban to replace my 96 Blazer 4x4. The Blazer was getting a little tight with my three boys and my Wife. well it took a couple of months, but I finally found the truck and deal I was looking for. I scored a 2001 Suburban LT, with pretty much all of the bells and whistles and I'm loving it. The added room is the best thing about the whole thing. Also, the mileage is about the same or better than I was getting with the S-10. The ride is amazing and I can't wait to start putting miles on her.

    I've been lurking to find out what I could to help find a good deal, thanks for all of the info you members have posted that helped me find my truck! I'll get some pics into my profile soon and hope to get more active in discussions as I learn more about my new ride.

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    Another satisfied customer! Whoo hoo! :party:

    Yeah, would love to see some "action" shots ... taking the kids to the movies, taking the kids to the park, taking the kids to practive, camping, etc. That's one of the reasons that these vehicles are so practical, folks that have the need to haul the younun's around.
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    congrats on the new truck hope you enjoy it :yipi:

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