Finally got to tow to compare mileage.

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    Well everyone, I had to take the car to LI NY last weekend, rented a U-Haul car trailer 2,000lbs, put my PT Cruiser on it ~3800lbs for an all up weight of approx 5800 lbs. Towed it 280miles. 11.8 mpg up, dropped car and trailer there and drove back empty, 15.3mpg back. Overall pretty happy. tows like a champ, good mpg and decent power out a a 1996 350 with 169,000 on the clock.

    I am making plans for the future, probably going to stroke a 350 for a 383 small block, if I can I might put a 4L80 in place of the 4L60 in it now. Anyone know if it is a direct swap? Controller wise?

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    Hey, 11.8 mpg is pretty decent towing almost 4000 lbs!

    You probably already know this, but GM performance makes a 383E drop in stroker.You have the Sequential?? port injection not the TBI, right? If so it is a drop in. It makes 340 hp, and 435 lb-ft-way up over the 250 hp our(98 suburban 5.7 ) motors make stock.Pace has it for $4700 delivered -this includes a new water pump, new distributor, new wires, new spark plugs, and the intake and exhaust gaskets-

    This is the worlds greatest performance bargain-comes with a warranty-maybe 3/36000 or so.

    It is rated at more torque-435-than the 4L60E is rated for 380 lb ft or so?? I asked the guys at Pace and they say lots of folks get by with a stock 4L60E, by keeping their foot out of it, but what is the point of that?If I ever scrape up the money, I would go with it-383E, plus an aftermarket beefed up 4L60E-lotta shops make them, and claim they can take 450 -500 lb ft.


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