fire last night

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  1. hey guys.
    so last night my bf and i were taking a nap when his brother woke us up saying Mike's car was on fire.
    we laughed and told him to go away and he said no this was serious. we go outside to 2 firetrucks and 2 BSO racing towards his car that stays at a neighbors house.
    its a 1992 Oldsmobile EightyEight Royale it was in near mint condition
    the after is split in the replies

    that's my stinky face. the car reeked of burnt rubber and ugh it was still smoky.
    we're thinking of parting it out.
    the rims were only made 1 year for this car and can fetch a good amount of money and he's probably gonna tear up the metal and sell it to a junkyard or something. but we need somewhere to store it any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated guys.
  2. GM_Guy

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    OMG!! any idea what caused the fire?
  3. dwill3015

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    Not cool! Sorry to hear about the fire.
  4. yeah i'm bad at explaining haha.
    it looks like an electrical problem but the fire on the drivers side makes me think it was set that someone poured an accelerant on the windshield so it leaked under the hood and they dripped on the driver's side. the state marshall came and took a sample we should know more by the end of the month. it wasn't his daily it was a project waiting for us to have more time and money to do a full restoration. (we're working on an elcamino right now)
    he loved that car it was his first and his baby so he's pretty pissed off.

    the neighbor we think might have done it cause he hated the gutted house we stored it at (with permission) and he often called code enforcement and actually tried to have it towed for abdonment!
    but yeah no one got hurt and the car is the only thing that got damaged (at least the house didn't go up)
  5. Pete95Sierra

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    that sucks big time..... ive seen some pretty nasty car fires since i joined the FD and its amazing to see how fast things happens to cars when they go on fire and what they look like after
  6. GoFastPadre

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    I truly am sorry for the loss, but as you said no one got hurt. I agree, after looking at the pics, it was set. I tell you what if it was mine and it turns out the neighbor did it. HELL would not be far enough away to keep me hunting him down. It is true that it is only a car, but it was his car and no one has any right to destroy somone else's property!:grrrrrr:

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