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  1. JnBama

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    Wish we could get a role call from our members out west with the wild fires. William a fiance' to my niece is on a crew fighting fires up in the higher elevations Leadville, Co. Hope everyone is safe and no property destroyed
  2. Ape

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    They're everywhere right now. Atleast it seems that way. :-/
    Lived here all my life and never seen anything this bad. We're a dry state normally, but the mountains this year didn't get alot of precip. We were okay down here for precip so we haven't even been put on any watering restrictions. The beetle kill of the pines over the last few years is also a big part of why we're having this problem right now. It's a perfect combination for forest fires unfotunately.

    Luckily my family and I are plenty far enough away from all these fires. But I do have some close friends and their familys that have been evacuated up in Woodland Park recently. So we're hoping their houses remain safe now that they are.
  3. Coach24

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    Over 350 homes are gone. 30,000 were evacuated. they say it will burn till September. Kinda like the Yellowstone fire years ago.
    Smoke is heavy in the valleys in and around the area and can be seen as far a way as Kansas.
    May God have mercy on these residents and send some measurable rain. In Utah 4 are dead. One was a friend who got surrounded and the fire consumed him and the shack he was hiding in. Several have been evacuated there as well. If only the south east would share some moisture we definitely could use it.
  4. Ape

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    Even with all of this going on my family and I have decided to go camping for a few days this week.

    Since it's so dry and hot there aren't going to be any public fireworks displays this year. Well unless you want to go into dirty old Denver that is. And I don't go into Denver unless I absolutely have to!
    Normally my family and I always have a big day at a local park (Conerstone) that has a great fireworks display every year along with a variety of other fun stuff to do. But since that's not happening this year, we've decided to go up to the mountains and get some camping by the lake in. This is a place that my family and I have gone to since I was a kid.

    A couple of years back it was closed down due to some politics. It was recently re-opened but with some restrictions such as catch and release only when fishing along with less camp sites and no reserving those camp sites. So we haven't been back up there in a couple of years now. But with everything happening, we thought this would be as good a time as any to find out how it's doing again.

    Wish us luck as far as camp site availability and NO fires!
  5. JnBama

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    Sorry to hear about your friend and the others Coach, summer is having a bad start with fires, on the east side with the storms, floods and no power. Heavy rain storms in Birmingham and middle Alabama today but 100 mi back north here is still dry and hot . All the corn crops that came up while having plenty of rain has burned up.

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