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Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by marine59, Dec 19, 2011.

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    my wife and I installed a set of firestone air bags on the rear of our 2005 colorado, crew cab, before installing the air bag suspension, my truck would bottom out, when i had a trailer hitched,we have a pop-up camper we use to camp and go to races the tongue weight only @ 100 lbs, total trailer weight is 8000, my rear gears are 3:73 according to chevy, my colorado does a great job pulling the weight, 8000 lbs. seems like a lot but when you add all the camping gear ect. it adds up we also have a propane generator that comes in handy, the firestone air bags do a great job suspending the rear of my truck, and the ride is 100 % better i highly reccomend the bags on every truck that pulls a trailor or hauls a heavy load., i have been told by a transmission shop my automatic tranny will be ok as long as i downshift when pulling hills and when decending down hill, i do not have a tranny cooler any advice from you tranny experts would be welcome
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    From my experience using Firestone airbags I dont think theres any better substitute, their durable and can take lots of weight. I've had them on 3 different trucks and wont hesitate to put them on my new truck if I start towing a lot again.
    It already sounds like you know what you need for your trans, you can almost never cool an automatic trans to mutch. Adecent aftermarket trans cooler stuck up around your radiator will give a larger fluid capacity and offer cooling through the fins, synthetic trans fluid wont hurt either.
    Do you have a trans temp gauge on your DIC? If not an aftermarket temp gauge would be a worthwhile investment.
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    thanks for reply, i plan on adding the trans. cooler soon thinking of royal purple fluid if i find i can use it in place of dextron. ken

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