Firestone.. What a rip off.

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by redneckarmyMP, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Jimmeh

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    I'm glad we don't have a firestone store around here. I stick with a fairly small chain Tire Rama. I think they have like 40 some odd stores across the north west, and the guys know me by name now that I go to them exclusively. I do have to drive an extra 10 miles, but their service is well worth it, and they will actually take you out to the shop and show you and explain what is wrong and what they will do to correct the problem. And if you have a problem with their service, they actually own up to it and will make amends. I have to use Les Schwab for work, and while the guys I deal with are fine, I have used them on personal rigs in the past and will not ever again.
  2. Sierraowner5.3

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    never been to firestone, and never will, I stay far far away from those places. I do it myself, or pay a dealer to, i realize that I may pay a little more, but its worth it, cause i know its done right. ( to a point, i realize dealers can screw you over as well)

    havnt found a place in VB i trust enough with my car and truck.

  3. Goldie

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    Interesting and very informative read from the very begining. I certainly learned from this discussion. As an after thought, you may want to consider lodging a complaint about this dealer with the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and/or Angie's List.
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  4. mudpuppy

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    i think angie's list is about the only thing that can hurt them of those 3. the bbb and cc are powerless. the unions seen to that. its not much different than in the navy or corp, if some sh_t bag higher up in the ranks is messing with you, well suck it up because no1 will help you. so pretty much complaining to most anything or one will do nothing. getting on forums, Angie's list, and facebook is just about todays best way to hurt Firestone or any other crap shack shop.
  5. dogred

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    [MENTION=48417]Coach24[/MENTION], I dealt with alot of people coming into the parts store complaining about shops and how they were ripped off. I would only suggest people to a few local shops that I knew the reputation of. I also had a bad dealing with one of the commercial customer from my shop. I went over and asked them to change the oil in my truck, they said it would cost $100 for 4 quarts of synthetic oil and a Wix filter. I asked them if I provided the oil and filter what the charge would be, there response was $100. They would only use the oil and filter they purchased, which was from the same place I was getting the oil and filter. The same parts store I worked at! One of the workers told me that the owner does this so he can mark up the prices on the oil and filter. Every time someone mentioned they were taking their car there I talked them out of it.

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