Firmware flash for Chevy Silverado GM radio

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Burkhardi, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Burkhardi

    Burkhardi New Member

    I searched for "firmware" and only got three results which were non-irrelevant.

    Who makes the OEM radio for the 2010 Silverado (non Bose branded)' is it Delco or is that now Delphi or someone else?

    Are there firmware flashe upgrades available for these radios via the USB port (or perhaps Tech II)?

    The reason I ask is the way the units uses compressed music is cumbersome. It can play both MP3 and WMA files and here is what I have questions on.

    1 - When I have .wma files on a CD-R, the main radio body (aka head unit) will not sort my Albums, it said there are none and when you press the "i" info button on the top left of the head unit when I file is playing, all you see is the artist name and song. It will sort my Artist though.

    2 - When I play a .wma file from the USB port via a USB Flash Drive (aka thumb dive or Jump drive), the 'i' button does show the album name, however there is no sort feature that I can find like when the file is played off the CD reader. I plan to try to add a 64GB Solid State USB drive to this port in time.

    3 - The "Cat" button is only for XM, why can't that be a hot button for Album, Artist, Genre year and so on?

    Note: I have not use .mp3 files yet and will try that next.

    4 - When playing off the USB port, when you go back to that input you have soft buttons for "pause", "shuffle" (by both folder or song) and repeat. How do you get back to this root menu w/o switching through the source button?

    5 - Is there some forum somewhere where you can talk/post to the radio's software people; like a form or a forum? I assume with this being a mainstream truck (GM) that there has to be firmware releases from time to time. I assume that you can take your truck to the dealer and the tech can flash to the newer firmware if need be (i.e. You have a 2009 and you want the 2010 features and your hardware can support it). Does the GM tech use Tech II to flash the firmware, they use a USB port or nothing like this exists?

    TIA, Matt
  2. Burkhardi

    Burkhardi New Member

    64GB SSD USB connected and working

    Still can't find info anywhere, webernet or here...
    I would really like to find where to get the firmware or info about it etc since there are some glitches in the OEM version I have now.

    Here is an update:

    64GB SSD (Solid State Drive) like a hard drive, but with flash memory so there is no skipping or shock))

    I installed the 64GB SSD in my truck and now have over 12,000 (yes, twelve thousand) song to listen too.
    This along with the random/shuffle feature makes it my own DJ

    As for the pause, shuffle keys, they are still in the UI, they just disapear so you can see the song info. So if you know where they are, you can hit that softkey and the command will invoke and you will see it on the display of the radio too.

    I don't want to waist time on a post that is not read, so if anyone wants more info on this, reply back and I'll explain the steps involved in getting the 64GB SSD (or HDD) to work.
    Regards, Matt
  3. fanmechanic

    fanmechanic New Member

    I have an HHR, I assume the USB radio on the 2010 GM vehicles are basically the same. I can't get a USB drive over 2gb to work I have tried 4, 8 and 16gb models. the system tries to connect for a few minutes and then fails. These are fomatted either fat16 or fat32. Any ides what I can try? the 4gb and 8gb models are form toshiba, teh 16 is geek squad brand from best buy.
  4. d0ct0r

    d0ct0r New Member

    I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I'm interested what you had to do to make this work? Was there a firmware update?
  5. Burkhardi

    Burkhardi New Member

    I know above 2GB in SD it changes to SDHC and some electronics can't read them due to drivers and chip sets.
    See if your radio as the latest firwmare when you take it in for service; perhaps its a bug?
    I think it has to be FAT16 or FAT32 for it to work. Last I tied NFS or anything else didn't work.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Had to use a HP app to format the drive in FAT and due to that, I can only see and use 32GB, but that is still great. No answers on the other items yet.

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