First offender making noise about Watertown?s new noise ordinance

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    Gotta love it...... [​IMG]

    WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS:First motorist cited with loud music under legislation
    SUNDAY, AUGUST 7, 2011

    Noreese E. Bell says she had no idea that it?s illegal in Watertown to blast loud music from her car stereo until she became the first person to be accused of violating the city?s new noise ordinance Tuesday.

    Mrs. Bell, 24, of 435 Hycliffe Drive, Apt. 622, said police followed her several blocks from a State Street bar, through downtown and several traffic lights before stopping her on Coffeen Street about 2:30 a.m. The music, she acknowledged, was loud during the entire drive from the bar.

    ?I kept saying, ?What did I do?? It freaked me out,? she said.

    For months, the Watertown City Council mulled over the proposed stricter noise ordinance aimed at loud car stereos and noisy mufflers. After considerable debate, the council in April approved the ordinance, 3-2, with proponents contending it was a quality-of-life issue. Opponents contend the new ordinance will be impossible to enforce evenly. The ordinance also covers controlling noise coming from dwellings and businesses.

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    Maybe its because I'm older now but I gotta agree with the law in part.
    The article doesnt say if the restriction starts at a certain time, I could see starting noise restrictions at 9pm.
    I know I dont appreciate it when people drive down the street I live on at 2am blasting loud music.
    Noise restrictions arent new the reasons for enforcing them have changed, I remember in the late 70's people getting stopped for violating decible levels, back then the reasoning was you wouldnt be able to hear the sound of an emergency vehicle if it was coming
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    I have had a few noise tickets, but that is easy in a small town and 4 12's and 2 10's. I always thought when I was 16-20yrs old when I had systems that these mid life crisis guys on harleys with straight pipes need their fair share of tickets too. I guess I am getting older because I now just shake my head at these POS cars with 3k in subs and amps. I almost feel systems are an old irrelevant fad from the early 2000's.
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    wow, i am from that area and i have never heard about that law in watertown, should be interesting next time i go thru there with the straight pipes lol

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