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    Just bought a 1999 Suburban, 103k miles on it, i've put 1000 on it and just started having a brake issue. The brake light is on, and the brake pedal is going most of the way down before engaging the brakes. I've always owned older (60's and 70's) cars/trucks and would usually assume this is a Master Cylinder problem, that perhaps the front or rear brakes aren't working. Any thoughts? This was a very sudden changed, I had just gotten home from a long trip, towing a trailer. Brakes were normal the whole trip. Got in this morning and the brake light stays on and brake pedal goes down a long way. Any advise would be helpful and might save me some time/money. thanks
  2. Pikey

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    i would bet that you have a leak somewhere. maybe a rear wheel cylinder. I would pull the tires off and start looking around. fill the master up with fluid and have someone press the pedal. if it is a line leaking it will spray out under pressure.
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    It is not uncommon for the brake lines to corrode and leak after 10 years or so if the truck is driven on salt-treated roads.

    If you refill the reservoir and pump the brakes a couple of times there should be enough fluid ejected that you can find the leak by looking for the puddle and the drips.
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    Just had all the hard lines on my 03 Suburban 2500 replaced. Local shop charged me $760.

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