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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Jensen.Electric, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Jensen.Electric

    Jensen.Electric New Member

    Hey guys,
    I wanted to wax my truck, but i'm not sure how. I was wondering if anyone could give me some hints or a website that would help me out here. Thanks
  2. Pete95Sierra

    Pete95Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    this is how I was taught to do it but I would also like to know if anyone else has any secrets so share em if you do.

    First I make sure that it is at least 60 degrees to wax. I use a microfiber pad or the one I get with my wax its foam. I use Meguires NXT Tech Wax and squirt some in a swirl on the pad and then press hard while going in a circular motion in the truck. Dont be shy to press hard cuz it will press it more into the minor scratches of the truck. I usually do it in maybe 1.5' by 1.5' sections or so putting more wax on the pad after each section. After finishing the truck You have to wait till the wax dries, sometimes for me it dries in an hour sometimes 2 depending on how sunny it is and the temp and moisture in the air... when dried buff off with a microfiber cloth also in a circular motion and enjoy the shine!!!
  3. Aeropagus

    Aeropagus Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yeah, most all cars have a good clear-coat on top of the paint, that's why paint lasts so long these days. Most of the new waxes will tell you if they're designed for a clear-coat or not, and the top-end ones are and they will make it shine like crazy. Just instlal like said before, under the right conditions and you'll have a good looking presentation. :money:
  4. Jensen.Electric

    Jensen.Electric New Member

    thanks for the advise. it is much appreciated!!!!
  5. SSwt00SS

    SSwt00SS New Member

    This is how I wax my vehicles:

    1) first I go over the vehicle with Bug & Tar remover. you want to get off as much of that stuff as possible because going over it later with wax, etc. it will take some of the contaminates with it and scratch your paint/clearcoat...

    2) wash with Dawn dish soap to remove any old polish/wax residue that might be remaining...

    3) use a claybar to remove any additional contaminates that steps 1 & 2 may have missed. you will see and feel a noticable difference in your cars finish after you claybar for the first time...

    4) wash the car again to remove any of the claybar residue...

    5) if you wish to polish the vehicle this is where you to it. you apply polish before you wax. polishing will help to remove fine lines, light scrathes, and reduce the amount of swirl marks you see...i personally use Turtle Wax ICE Paste Polish on my vehicles...

    6) waxing the car. i apply my wax by hand (paste wax) and then remove it with my porter cable (buffer). i apply with a microfiber pad and remove using either microfiber or cotton buffer pad/shoe cover...i personally use Meguiars #26 Paste Wax...

    regardless of what they say, wash, polish, wax in the shade. avoid being under trees as they will sap on your vehicle, less chance of waterspotting, especially if you have hard water. i usually do this once a month to the SS and every other month for the Colorado...

    the results. if you take your time the results are incredible and you can see the difference immediately...

    here are a couple pics of my rides after treating them both to the steps above about 3 weeks ago...

  6. SoonerSilverado11

    SoonerSilverado11 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Wow, lovin' the SS as I am a pretty big fan of the Camaro SS's. You have a pretty good system. The only thing I don't do that often is polish as it is abrasive. I try to keep abrasive use to a minimum, but, I have to admit your vehicles look outstanding. Great job!
  7. Pete95Sierra

    Pete95Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    damn man that camaro is in beautiful shape and looks great!!!
  8. SSwt00SS

    SSwt00SS New Member

    thanks guys. i look at it this way, everything in my life can be a mess but i have to have clean cars...:lol:

    the SS is the toy, my escape from reality. bought her 3yrs ago w/21,xxx and she doesnt even have 45(k) on the clock. just been building her up, and she's a car show/light strip car. one solid street car that's for sure!
  9. omegafiler

    omegafiler Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    How you wax also depends on the condition of the paint. But the standard process works quite well. Find a shady spot so the paint isn't in direct sun light. Temp shouldn't be too cold or hot.

    Then, wash with car wash soap. Dry vehicle. Claybar. Polish with orbital buffer (if available) and remove. Then apply Wax, also with orbital buffer and remove as well.

    Orbital buffer makes it easy. No need to apply pressure or work too hard, just let the buffer do the work. It saves lots of time and generally get much better results. But doing it by hand works as well.
  10. Zig

    Zig New Member

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