First truck, First time with 4 wheel drive

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by marty6464, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. marty6464

    marty6464 Member

    Can someone give me some dos and donts for 4X4. I have a lever on the floor, from top to bottom it goes 4L N 2H 4H. Do i need to do anything to engage it, should i not be moving, any tips are appreciated. Also, I was shot this to a friend, and he got revin the engine all up and I heard like a high pitched squeel by the air intake. Is that like supercharge or something or just a thing that trucks do.

    Sorry if this seems silly to people, but like i say, first truck and I dont want to blow it up LOL. Its under warranty til 2018, bought a bumper to bumper with it so if it does blow up oh well.

    Thanks folks
  2. Als09Sierra

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    Marty: Check the manual on the max speed you can be in to shift into 4H. You should be able to shift at highway speed. Couple of points on driving in 4x4. Don't make sharp turns in parking lots, the truck will feel like it's going to stop. Don't worry, that's normal. You never want to shift to 4L unless you're at a full stop. The only time you need 4L is in serious sand, mud or if you get stuck. Otherwise, try it out in 4H and get used to it. It makes driving in snow fun, but be careful when there's ice on the roads. Nothing stops well on ice except ice skates. :)

    Not sure what the noise is, but if you had a supercharger, it would be listed on the sticker.
  3. alabamaxrebel

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    Don't put the car in 4wd ever on dry roads. Read the manual and it will tell you what speeds you can shift into 4H at, I know on mine with the electric shift you can do it at any speeds, I'm not sure about the manual shifters. Always put it in nuetral before shifting into 4L. If you get stuck in nuetral in between 4H and 4L you may have to shut the truck off to keep for grinding stuff (dont know how the Chevy manual shifters work exactly in that regard, that was the case in my Tacoma.) Have fun with it and put it to good use. :)
  4. OneWheelWonder

    OneWheelWonder Rockstar

    Although It feels like your strapped to a fighter jet resist the urge to hammer the throttle when in 4L (Low Gear). The transfer case wont care for you to much after. Like said above unless your in some serious mud,dirt,sand, or what ever 4H (high gear) will do in most cases.
  5. marty6464

    marty6464 Member

    ok, thanks for that info, its been nice here, clean roads, so no need for the 4WD yet. My friend keeps telling me that he would never buy a GMC because GMCs get all the parts that Silverados reject!! I think he is just busting my balls because he just bout an explorer and got raped!! If you look at a silverado vs gmv (or ford vs mercury) i feel that mercurys and gmcs both get the better interiors (trim) and are a bit flashier than silverados or fords versions with the mercury. NOTHING against silverados, that is what I was GONNA buy, but I fell into the Sierra. You guys think my buddy is just jealous or just bein an a-hole??
  6. kennyb79

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    Marty, all that crap from your buddy is just GMC guys against Chevy guys. I know guys that only buy GMC label and guys only buy Chevy bowties...I've always figured it was the same....maybe in the old days it meant something but I don't think so anymore. any a friend that works in the factories say its the same line different label. I've owned chevy 4x4 since I bought my first blazer in 1982. 4lo is just like the guys said, and you have to be stopped to put in lo. you can put it in and take it out of 4hi at "highway" speeds, but use some common sense here, that doesn't mean 75 on dry roads. it means when your going 40 and the roads get crappy you can shift it in...have fun and use use the forum, theres a lot of knowledge here
  7. marty6464

    marty6464 Member

    I always thought that way too. gmc vs chevy lol. HE DRIVES FORD. So hes just busting my nuts i guess.
  8. KidHauler

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    Welcome aboard, Marty. Like has been mentioned, your manual or dealer should give you the run down on how 4x4 works.

    Do notice, however, the lack of a big red "S" anywhere on the shifter. 4x4 will get you out of a lot of trouble - or get you twice as stuck... Remember that Cherokee that passed you on the highway doin' 80 in the snow, and was in the ditch 2 miles later?

    Congrats on the new ride!
  9. Als09Sierra

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    He's just jealous that your salesperson was a hottie and his was a fat old Ford guy with bad breath and plumbers crack. :rofl:
  10. thrasher

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    I actually made a mistake a few week back. I drove my truck from my house to my Grandmothers (20+ miles highway) all in 4 hi! Didn't even realize it till I got to her house & turned into the driveway, the front kinda "pushed" and the i looked at the indicator. No harm, no foul, but you DO NOT want to make a habit outta driving in 4 hi on dry pavement.

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