Audio Fitting 8" mids in doors of NNBS truck

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Texas Edition, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Texas Edition

    Texas Edition New Member

    Hey guys, my Focal 165K2p speaker took a crap on me. I let my cousin borrow my truck and I told him I didnt have my amplifiers, EQ, and speaker adjusted yet and he blew the rear 165k2p rear mid.

    So I was thinking about putting in some shallow mount 8" mids in there. I know there are a few manufacturerers out there that have some pretty good ones.

    Has anyone tried to fit 8's in the doors? I can remake new circle ring adapters like I already have for my 4 door speakers all around due to mounting depth. This is for my 2008 Sierra Crew Cab and will be for the rear doors, but I am thinking if I do this, I will put my Focal Utopia Comps in the rear and put the 8's up front since I already have a new set of Focal Performance PS165 comps in some Q-Logic Kick Panels, which by the way, I was expecting a little bit more out of Q-Logic. I had to cut my own holes, there are no clips so you have to use a single screw that you have to drill into your metal yourself and I can't fit my drivers side floormat. My Passenger's floormat fits, but not correctly.

    So what do you guys think?
  2. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    You have Utopia Comps in your truck???? I want to hear????? Perhaps the BEST speaker on the market...Do you have the $5800 UB's? A sweet speaker...
  3. Texas Edition

    Texas Edition New Member

    haha I wish I had the new Utopia BE's. These are the older versions that had an MSRP around $1500. Car Toys at one time had them for $1100 when they first came out.
  4. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I could not afford utopia be's when I got my focals, so I went with the middle of the line stuff, that seams really cheap for utopia's , don't they MSRP for 3-4k? and who is Car Toy/ and are they repitable?
  5. Texas Edition

    Texas Edition New Member

    Like I said, these aren't the Utopia BE's. They are the older model from like, 4 years ago. They had a few different Utopia models.

    Car Toys is like a Best Buy, but for car audio only and much much better than Best Buy. They do custom installs and are a fairly large corporation.

    I'm also running the Focal Peformance PS165 Components in the Q-Logic Kick Panels. I'm trying to find a set of 165K2p midrange speakers since one of my rear Focal mids blew. I have the Focal 165k2p crossovers, but I believe I had a pair of Focal K2p mids in there. Possibly 6k2p mids. Not sure. I need to look up the Reference number on the back of the magnet where the serial number is. I forgot what they were. I know they are in the upper middle range of their lines of component speakers. So Im on the prowl for a pair of 165K2p mids if anyone knows where I can find any! Woofersetc wants $549 just for the mids for the 165k2p's, which is rediculous because there is a top rated seller on ebay selling the entire 165k2p component set for $599. I emailed them about their ebay listing and the ebay listing for $50 more I could get the complete set with crossovers, tweeters and they are brand new. They didnt have much of an answer. They told me the crossovers alone were worth over $250, the tweeters were worth $200 and the mids were worth the price they were selling them for. I disagree that the mids are worth $549 when I can get the complete set for $599. I dont want to spend that kind of cash just for my rear speakers.

    Although, I could sell the 165k2p crossovers for $250 as I bought them for $300 from a member on, which was a fair price and then I would play with the tweeters. I currently have Digital Designs T1 Silk Dome tweeter so I could tone the highs back a bit. So If the tweeters are too bright, I'd keep the DD T1 tweeters and sell the Focal tweeters for $200. I want a more relaxed smooth sound in the rear, although I have two sets of high powered Focal components in the front already. lol
  6. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Cartoys is Very well known throughout the 12 volt world.. They are some Great speaker A little pricy but if you are into sound.. They are the only speaker I would go to after JL Audio.. I sent a mesg to a friend about what you are looking for I will let you know...
  7. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts


    Audio is very subjective, but quality speakers are quality speakers...... I know allot of people that swear by JBL's, they are in all the sound competitions, etc, but for people that know quality sound, they really are bottom tier (at least I believe so).

    All the JBL speakers I have heard for cars are bass heavy and things like vocals that need to be clear and crisp so you can understand the words that are being spoken are cloudy compared to say a Focal speaker set.

    The local shop here stopped carrying Focal and is pushing Hertz, they sound ok, much better than the KBL's but the sound different than the Focals.

    As an example, one of my cousins that learned english in school, but english is not his native language told me after hearing a song on JBL's he would ask me what the artist was saying, then we listened to the same song on the Focals and he made out each word.

    And the sound quality was better (at least to us) so there is something to be said for quality speakers. its not all that we like spending allot of money on sound.
  8. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    As I have said many times I have sat in Sound proof rooms for days at end listining to nothing but 12 Volt Speaker systems.. Everything from Boss Crap to Bose (infinty) JBL, Jl Audio, Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, Audio(crap)Vox , Rainbow and Many many others. Some from over seas some from here some you have Never heard of..

    I can sit in a room of 40 speakers all the same and point to the 1 that is out. The Top of the Line Focals with a Huge cross over that can be set 4500 ways are by far some of the Cleanest and clear speakers I have heard..BUT not cheap.....But you can get a Great speaker for alot less.. You have to listen to them and decide...

    Good Luck
  9. Texas Edition

    Texas Edition New Member

    You are correct. CarToys is known throughout. I thought they were just about in every state.

    I just checked your signature, didnt find what kind of audio you were running. Checked your profile and couldn't find anything about what audio equipment you are running so if you are running JL Audio component speakers, I don't mean to bash on your equipment by any means why I say this.

    I would pick Focal's over JL Audio anyday, just as you said. There is actually alot of speakers I would pick over JL Audio. One reason is because I really dont believe that their component speakers sound all that great. As far as tiers go with JL Audio, I would put them in the middle tier. In the top notch tier, I would put Focal up there for sure along with Morel, Audison, Mcintosh, etc... I also read Nakranji's response about Hertz Audio and I wanted to touch on that also and I will. I would put Hertz Audio in the tier in the top tier. Lets say there is a bottom tier, upper bottom tier, middle tier, upper middle tier, top tier and then top notch tier, in that order.

    For the money, there is just so many other better products out there for the money. JL Audio makes great subwoofers, but they are just simply overpriced. Great Sound Quality and they hit hard. You get the best of both worlds with JL Audio's subwoofers. They even have entry level subwoofers that are easy on the wallet that sound great. I have thrown numerous subwoofers, in a same environmental stage, against a JL 12W6, 13W6 and even a 13W7 at my shop. The price on these things are insane. 13W7 is $870, 12W7 is $700, 13W6 is $460, 12W6 is $400. These prices are from and their prices are actually really good. You could go out and buy 2 or 3 top notch subwoofers for the same price as a 13W7, 12W7, 13W6 and a 12W6. Now when I did the comparison, I'll use Sundown Audio for comparison, the 13W7 and the 13W6 beat the Sundown Audio SA-12 hands down, which goes for $195. However, the SA-12 beat the 12W7 and the 12W6. The SA-12 is rated for 600wrms, but can easily take over 1000wrms daily. Some people run their SA-15 at 1500wrms daily.
  10. Texas Edition

    Texas Edition New Member

    I could go up the tiers of Sundown Audio's lineup, but I'll go straight to the top with their Sundown Audio NS (NightShade) lineup. The Sundown Audio NS 12 V.2 that sells for $549. Now I am kinda comparing apples to oranges here as the power rating for these are 2000wrms, but with the extra money you save, you can get a bigger amplifier and this subwoofer blows the JL 13W7 out of the water in SPL, but also sounds comparable in the SQ department. Here is a good note I want to point out. The NightShade subwoofers are fully customizable. You can customize different cones, spider pack configs, up to triple leads, voice coil configurations, voice coil options, etc... Sundown Audio is currently working on a Version 3 setup just like they did with the Z V.2 to V.3 to give it better soft parts to improve the Sound Quality even better. Once the NS V.3 version comes out, it will beat the JL 13W7 in SQ.

    Now if we want to get a little closer to the power rating of the 13W7, we can compare, still kinda apples to oranges here, the Z series by Sundown Audio, which is an SQL (Mix between SQ and SPL) subwoofer meaning it gets insanely loud and has AWESOME Sound Quality. The Z-12 V.3 sells for $499 and has a power rating of 1500wrms. They also have a Version 2 if that cost a little cheaper, but has different soft parts that makes the Z.2 lack a little less in the SQ area. Same story here, the Z12 V.3 blew the 13W7 out of the water in SPL and blew it out of the water in the SQ Department also with the V.3 having new and different soft parts improving Sound Quality. You could get this sub and use the extra money for a bigger amp to push it and have a much better subwoofer setup than a W7 or W6 just like I posted above about the NightShade Series.

    Now if you were to use the same amount of money, you could get the following:
    (1) JL Audio 13W7 ($870) = 4 Sundown Audio SA-12's ($195 each) and still have $90 left over.
    (1) JL Audio 13W7 ($870) = 1 NS-12 ($549) and have $321 left over or 2 NS-12's and having to pay an extra $228 for the 2nd NightShade 12
    (1) JL Audio 13W7 ($870) = 1 Z12 V.3 ($499) and have an extra $371 left over or spend an extra $128 and get (2) Z12 V.3's.

    Ok, I just proof read what I just typed and it really sounds like I just made a huge rant and bagged on JL Audio, but that was not my intention by any means. PLEASE do not take it that way. I just wanted to show that there are much better products out there for the money and shine some light on Sundown Audio, which is an awesome company that hand builds their subwoofers in the U.S. (parts are from imported, just like ALL car audio components to make electrical products), their attention to detail is incredible, their durability is the best I have seen as they are nearly indestructible by taking 2,3, sometimes 4 times their rated power daily. Jacob, who is the owner and designer of Sundown Audio, does a great job at designing his subwoofers. Not only does Jacob Fuller own Sundown Audio, but he also owns Skar Audio, which is another great audiophile company. He is also the person that assembles the subwoofers. SA also makes some of the best amplifiers out on the market. They are a bit pricey, but so is JL Audio.

    If you plan on doing a new subwoofer setup, look into some non mainstream brands like Sundown Audio, Skar Audio, Sound Solutions Audio, DC Audio, Sound Splinter, Resonant Engineering (RE Audio) etc...

    I personally own FOUR Sundown Audio SA-8 V.2's. Jacob at SA has three different models of the SA-8 V.2's. The normal production, Stock SPL and the pure SPL subwoofer. My 4 SA-8 V.2's were custom built by Jacob himself with the Stock SPL Versions. The Stock SPL Version includes a different voicecoil and an extra spider so they can handle more power. I gained a little bit of upper range, but lost just a tad bit on the bottom end and when I say a tad bit, I mean just a teeny tiny little bit. These little 8's are insane. I have them in a 3 cu ft net box, tuned to 31hz running off of two Audiopipe 18001D's. Jacob initially put a power handling for these sick 8" subs at 600wrms, but after he did some testing, he bumped up the rating to 800wrms daily on the cautious side. His testings showed that the SA--8 V.2 would break mechanically before thermally, meaning you won't fry the voice coils before you bust the sub physically.

    So, at first, I was running an Audiopipe AP3001D so each sub would receive 750wrms, but I could tell they could take more power, so I bought two Audiopipe AP18001D's, 2 subs per 1800wrms amp, pushing out a total of 3800wrms. Each sub is receiving over 950wrms. I still have that 30" long AP30001D. I don't want to let it go, because its such a bad ass amp, but I am indeed selling it. I can't wait till I head back down to Dallas and hook it up to my friends TL Mic and see what kind of numbers these 4 8's are putting up, which by the way, only require .5-.75 cu ft of airspace ported, which isn't much. I like to change out my subwoofer setups every once in a while, so I am probably going to try to squeeze in either 2 SA-12's or maybe four SA-10's.

    I have a 3" seat raise lift so I can get a 4 cu ft net box in there. I also have a second identical seat lift kit for the NNBS crew cab pickups for sale if anyone is interested.
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