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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Springthing, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Last week I gave the old car a nice little wash. While I was at it I whipped out the Aqua Gloss Tire Shine from Flash's product kit. I wanted to do a comparison with the tire shine to see how it held up against another product.

    I did both passenger side tires with Flash and the two driver side tires with a product that rhymes with "Farmer Ball"....

    The instructions list two ways to apply the Aqua Gloss - you can simply spray on for a 'wet' look or wipe on for more of a satin look. I opted for the spray on.

    Comparing both sides of the car... the Aqua Gloss looked much more 'wet' than the other side. It was a little blotchy in it's appearance and I'm not sure if that was because the product truly needed a great amount of care when sprayed on or if it was just poor application on my part do to the small (trial/test) sized bottle pump spray (as opposed to the trigger spray application). The tire looked like it had been smeared with a thin layer of vaseline. Very nice it you want that fresh wet look, really.

    After a week's worth of it being on, spending time in the sun, driving around, etc, both sides of the car looked equal in how they retained their clean look.

    Straight to the DIY carwash and while washing the car off all the tires were pressure washed. Again, both sides came out tied. After getting home, all four tires looked the same - they'd all faded to a dull shine at that point.

    So... after all that... where does Flash's Aqua Gloss Tire Shine stand?

    Seems about tied, to me, when compared to another similar product. If you want a truly wet look it seems as though the Flash product may have 'outwet' the other product I used. I'm not sure how it would measure up to products that advertise a wet tire shine.

    Hopefully someone else will have time to do a head-to-head with a product that is more equal - aka wet tire to wet tire.

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