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    ok. ive been holding on for this long enough. i dont plan on using it since i dont own my 2000 suburban no more and cutting it up to make it fit my current vehicle makes no sense. this is a 6.5 inch flip down monitor made to fit the 2000 suburban or yukon xl (might fit other years just dont know which ones). comes with screen, all wiring, tv tuner, dual tv antennas(interior mount), overhead console, fm modular, remote for screen, and main brain. it is brand new( screen still has protective plastic on it). since i had it stored for two years i benched tested it to confirm that it function properly and its 100%( im mecp certified). all you need is the dvd player and your set. feel free to contact me at djstyles1200@hotmail.com if you need pictures send me your e-mail or have any questions. my user name on ebay is kunorott if you want to check feedback and im also over at titantalk.com under my name gabriel c. this is a rosen brand system. $250 plus shipping from 79925 i dont think it will cost more than $20 to ship. thanks guys. gals.
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