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    I have replaced the fuel pump in my wife's 1999 Suburban, along with the fuel pump relay (thinking that was the original problem) and a new fuel filter. I can hear the pump prime up when the truck in turned on. I went through the process to let the system re-pressurize and attempted to start the truck, but all it will do is crank, turn over, and almost want to stay running, but will shut-off. The system wants to act like it is flooded, but how could that be? I do not see any leaks under the truck and I did install the new fuel filter in the proper flow direction. I do not know what else to check. What do ya'll thank?
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    On the older trucks (1995) there is a clear flood mode. I am not sure if it works on the newer odbII trucks, if you think that is flooded then hold the pedal all the way to the floor while cranking. This enters "clear flood" mode and will not pump anymore fuel into the motor. Make sure you let off immediately when it starts.
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    Update: Let the truck sit awhile after my numerous attempts to re-start it. I went back out to attempt it again and the truck started right up. A drive around town shows the truck to be running fine. I am relieved and so is the wife! She has her truck back.

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